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Can i turn off the auto reply when i get a message When I get a message it auto replies I'm driving I'd like to turn that off Android Auto works fine except I can't make calls through car's hands free system My phone (Samsung Galaxy A9) connects fine to my Hyundai Ioniq through a Type C cable. Android Auto …
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I have T-Mobile and am unable to receive texts from other Android phones using T-Mobile. Help? I recently bought a 2019 Chevy Bolt. I have T-Mobile phone service. Android Auto receives text messa…
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I cannot send text messages, but can receive them. I cannot send texts using AA, but can receive them. When I ask the Assistant to send a message I hea…
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Duplicate SMS notifications I use Pulse SMS instead of the Google Messages. When I get a text, 2 separate notifications come thr…
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After recent update. My text messaging dosen't work. It does not appear on car screen or even alert I need to get my messaging to work
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"OK Google Text" somebody I get a response "unfortunately thats not available on your device" I've just reloaded Android Auto on my phone; when I say "OK Google text" somebody I'm told "unfortun…
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No notification sounds since last update Since the last update I received in the last week of August, I have no notification sounds through A…
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