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after a Google update, the app does not read the messages in Italian that were previously available. The Android Auto app allowed messages to be read through Google services. For about two months, foll…
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how do I do this I am olivia Da android auto non riesco a far partire le notizie Da Android Auto non riesco a far paretire le notizie, nè usando la relativa icona nel menù principal…
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2019 Chev Eqinox hands free calling worked w my Moto Turbo 2 , Now when try to use w Call , AI intrf Use the hands free calling in car w/o Google Ass. Telling me to click on headset. Usrd to work w pho…
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Voice assistant not working on Android auto Since last few days, whenever i am trying to use handsfree on Android Auto, the response i get is "W…
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Voice Navigation no longer working in Android Auto Since last update. NOT A DUPLICATE It's hilarious, the incompetent Google clowns keep marking this a duplicate of a 6 month old issue t… News doesn't work on Android Auto From Android Auto I can't listen last news, neither using the relative icon on the main menu, nor us…
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No Contacts when i try to make a phone call. I try and voice command a phone call, that little lady in my radio tells me I have no contacts. I've… Voice not working with Android Auto Voice not working in my 2019 golf GTi. 'OK Google' activates but then nothing, it's like it's waitin… Reading wrong language Im live in sweden. I use samsung galaxy s20 ultra latest firmware and latest Android auto and from a…
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Is there a Bluetooth phone number for assistant prompt? Windows Phone had a clever way to trigger Cortana via a "special" Bluetooth-only phone number. This …
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Phone volume is very low when using voice command in AA. I have a 2020 Acura MDX Hybrid. The bluetooth phone works perfectly well when using Acura's HandsFre…
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How to report to developers a bug on Android Auto? There is a bug related to text-to-speech in Android auto. The problem has appeared some months ago a…
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