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Updated: Yesterday
Android 11 auto does not read text messages but asks if I want to reply Problem/Experience: I upgraded to Android 11 this morning and updated all of my apps. I was messagin… Can't deactivate it! It keeps taking over after I Uninstalled it Turn it off ND remove from my phone!!!!!
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My Android Auto Wireless keeps disconnecting since last Samsung update (UI 3.0 based on Android 11) Since the last Samsung update (UI 3.0 based on Android 11), Android Auto Wireless keeps disconnectin… App worked fine for a few months, now disconnects every 30 sec. Tried all the fixes still nothing. App worked fine for a few months, now it disconnects every 30 sec. And yes my phone is compatable be… Audio playing from phone speakers instead of car speakers after andriod 11 update I was subscribed to a topic which has been closed as duplicate stating the Android Auto version 6.1 …
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anyone know how to get pixel3 to work in Audiq7? Italked to Google and Audi multiple times. No help Updated the phone and the car. Talked to Google for 2 hours. Took the car into the dealership five t…
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How do I get the non-Google Assistant voice to stop reading my new incoming texts in Android Auto? I have looked in Settings and tried everything to not automatically have text messages read as I rec…
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My Android Auto will no longer connect. I have an LG Stylo 6 android and been trying to get Android Auto to connect to my 2021 Jeep Cherokee… Android Auto disconnects when phone reaches a full charge via usb. I noticed that Android Auto disconnects when my battery is charging while plugged in and it reaches … Have a note 9 and a ddx5707s and its connected to phone but icon light is not lit on the radio Have a GALAXY NOTE 9 and a DDX5707S and its says its connected to my phone but the light for android…
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Android Auto "answers" Google Voice incoming call .. but nothing can be heard on either end Android Auto used to reliably answer calls to my Google Voice number. That broke several months ago.… Help android auto not workin on nokia 8.3 I have a mazda 3 2019 and a nokia 8.3 with android 11 . My nokia wont connect to android auto . When… How do I stop google assistant from echoing when reading messages etc. Since I started using my new phone (samsung a72) I have been experiencing issues with AA. Whenever I…
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Dark theme independent from the phone Since the last update, AA UI theme on the car screen is independent from the phone. Since I'm using … My donot came android 11 My phone is redmi 9 prime I have not came Android 11
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Why doesnt android auto launch whatsapp and messenger anymore? android auto doesnt launch whatsapp and fb messenger anymore, both apps installed and updated in my … Spotify doesn't seem to be working Unfortunately I got my question marked as duplicated from a post which is clearly not the problem I …
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