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Last edited 5/28/19
when i initially connect my phone, android auto works fine - music, voice commands etc. However, if I switch to another audio input, when i return to usb input (either using touch screen or steering wheel controls) android auto no longer works. the visuals all do as normal, but the sound doesnt come through. so, for example, you can see the track in spotify look like its playing but no sound, or if i try voice control the colour dots appear but i cant hear the google assistant. This has only been an issue since yesterday. I have tried reinstalling, clearing cache etc, and trying my wife's phone, but nothing seems to make any difference.

the other thing i have noticed is that the way AA interacts with the head unit is slightly different. Previously, if i was listening through android auto, but wanted to change to DAB radio, i simply pressed the home button on head unit then 'audio' and DAB was opened by default. Now it defaults to USB. I appreciate that AA plays through USB but this is different behaviour to before.

If i disable AA, the head unit seems to work fine, so i do think its an AA issue.

Reconnecting resets everything,  but dont really want to have to do this whilst driving if i can avoid it. i just want it to work as it did last week!

I have since Google searched and think there may have been a firmware update about the same time this issue started, could this be the culprit and how do I go back to an earlier version?

Vauxhall Insignia 2018, R 4.0 IntelliLink

Samsung Galaxy S9
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Similar to my issue.  I cannot listen to the radio and make calls, or send texts while driving. But, if I'm listening to music through blue tooth audio then it works occasionally. My old phone worked so much better than this pixel 3 I just got.
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I've tried using my old galaxy s7, android 8 and AA works perfectly with that. So assume issue is with my S9 and the latest version of android. Really wish I could undo updates and go back to how it was
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But there does not appear to be a solution in these comments.... This is something that started happening this part year. Was working normally last summer..so much be related to an update but not sure when since I don't use navigation all the time..I don't think we can roll back android updates. I've tried reinstalling AA but that didn't do anything...any ideas that worked?
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I have the same issue with my galaxy a7 and J4 but my older J5 running Android 7 works fine.

Rolling back Google play services in not a viable solution
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