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Hey there, 

Finally I've reached the point that I'm getting frustrated! 
I upgraded from Samsung Galaxy S8+ to Huawei P30 Pro 1.5 weeks ago. I really like the P30 Pro but it's constantly crashing/losing the connection to my car! 

I connect my P30 Pro via USB-C Cable (already tried 3 different cables incl. original one) it's losing the connection randomly, sometimes that happens after 5 minutes, on other days after 38 minutes. Then I have to restart my SEAT Easy Connect (Infotainment) this takes a while and then I can reconnect my phone, this never happened to my S8+ before. 
When Android Auto is losing the connection it's closing everything on my phone so there is no error code displayed, also the USB-Port is completely dead my phone is not even charging anymore! 

Here some stuff that I've already tested.

  1. Three different high-quality USB-C cables incl. the original Huawei cable. 
  2. Second USB-Port from my car tested. 
  3. Cleared cache and deleted data from Android Auto and Google Play Services
  4. I've excluded AA and all AA-relevant apps from Huawei Task-Killer
  5. I've excluded AA and all AA-relevant apps from battery optimization
  6. Turned on debugging mode in the console, also for AA-App. 
  7. Changed the USB-Connection from Charge only to MTP (but its constantly changing back to charge only)
  8. I've done a factory reset and downloaded all updates. 
  9. Made a reset of my car's head unit. 

But still, nothing helps! And that's really annoying because I drive a lot and I really like AA and of course I need it!

@Google or someone else! Please help me to fix my problem! I want my Android Auto back! 
By the way, I've already submitted the form that I saw in this community. :)

Here some additional data to my phone & car:

  • Brand: Huawei
  • Model: P30 Pro
  • Android Version: 9.0
  • EMUI: (C431E4R2P2) GPU Turbo
  • CPU: Huawei Kirin 980
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Android Security Patch: 1. April 2019

  • Brand: SEAT
  • Model: LEON 5F
  • Head Unit: SEAT Easy Connect / Media System Plus 
  • Software Version on Head Unit: 0359

If you need anything else, please let me know!
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Oh sorry I totally forget the AA-Version and Google Play Service Version:

  • Android Auto Version: 4.2.591444-release
  • Google Play Services: 16.0.91 (100408-244116403)
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Ik heb hetzelfde probleem. Android-auto werkt niet meer met de p30 pro !! 
Version: 43.591843
Last edited 6/16/19
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I have the same issues....

Everything ist held up to date....
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I assume you're running Android 9?

This is a bow widespread, common problem and it effects handsets from multiple OEM's all running Pie.

There is no fix at present, the usual 'check the cable' and 'turn on debugging' don't work.

I and many others have submitted forms, I'd suggest you do the same, get some weight behind it.

If Google don't acknowledge and fix the issue with their software be month end I'll be getting myself and iPhone, I rely on Waze daily as I drive a lot.
Last edited 6/16/19
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5 days
Hi all, just to say that I am still having the problem no matter what I have tried.

Will try the aptoid too but this shouldn't be a resulution to this problem. Look forward to a proper solution released by either Google or Huawei.
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