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Text messages will not read, audio skipping while playing, audio connection issues. 0 Recommended Answers 27 Replies 37 Upvotes
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I am having three separate issues with Android Auto:

  1. When a text message is received, I am unable to play the text message with the play button. When I click on the play button, the Google Assistant dots bounce but no audio plays.
  2. When listening to audio through Google play music / YouTube / Pandora, the audio will skip or cut out randomly. I am unable to pinpoint the issue or any rhyme or reason as to why this is occurring.
  3. When connecting my phone to Android Auto, the display always comes up, but the audio does not always forward into Android Auto. It seems to be related to Bluetooth, as when I toggle Bluetooth off, the audio comes back into Android Auto. I would disable my Bluetooth when driving, however when connecting to Android Auto Bluetooth enables on it's own or re-enables so that is not a viable workaround.

I have tried this with two different phones as I recently received a warranty replacement device and it is happening on both. I have also tried multiple USB Type-C cables and all issues persist.

Specifications of my hardware / software:

Vehicle: 2019 Subaru WRX Premium
Phone make & model: Pixel 2 XL
Android OS version: Android Q Beta 2
Android Auto app version: 4.2.591444
Google Play services version: 17.1.22
Are you using Android Auto on your phone screen or car’s display? Car display
Media app name & version:
  • Google Play Music, Version 8.19.7938-1.M
  • Pandora, Version 1904.2.1
  • YouTube, Version 14.17.53
Does the issue occur outside of Android Auto app? No
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I'm having the same exact issue. I cant figure out how to fix it & neither can the VW dealership where I bought my car a year ago
Last edited 6/17/19
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Im having the same issue #2 with my Pixel 3 and Im driving a 2019 Mazda 3 Hatchback. Sound playback will randomly cut out, its more noticeable when playing music but I've had the assistant voice cut out as well. I work in IT and I know not all USB C cables are created equal, so I've actually purchased several USB cables and tried them (Anker ones seem to work best) but the issue persists. 

The only half solution I found was to use a short cable. Disable Bluetooth before plugging in the phone. Try the sound if it works then sweet if not unplug and try again. I'll note that my car has two USB ports and both work for Android Auto, sometimes switching the usb plug (after disabling bluetooth) seems to work. Bluetooth turns right back on when you plug it in.
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Same here. Audio skips. 2019 Altima. Perhaps these cars are using similar components/software, but my gut says the problem lies within Android Auto considering how widespread it it.
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also been experiencing issue #2 for quite some time. Audio on Spotify, Google music, etc will cut out for 1-10 seconds during most songs
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My audio cuts out/stutters whilst playing music. Usually there is no rhyme or reason to it but I have noticed on long journeys that if I switch to a different view it forces the issue. 

Google Pixel 3
Audi A1 Sportback
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Same on the audio issue.  Skipping like an old CD player.  Happens with audio books on Hoopla, Overdrive, Libby.  Same issue after using at least 2 different phones (Moto G4 and Pixel 3) and multiple usb and usb-c cables.  Car is a 2019 Chevy Traverse.  If I just use my bluetooth to connect to the car audio, it never skips, which makes me think it is not the audio apps.  Has anyone found a solution yet?
Last edited 9/14/19
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I am having the same issue. Audible and spotify both randomly skip 1-10 seconds. Sometimes it's every other minute, makes it difficult to listen to anything.

2019 Nissan Rogue
Samsung Note 10+ (Tmobile all updates applied)
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same issues.  nissan maxima 2019
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Same issues with my acura tlx.
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Hi everyone,
Thanks for all the responses. For issues related to audio cutting out on Nissan cars, we've informed our partners with the issue. Please check out this thread for more updates. For other issues on the main post, please feel free to open a new thread if you are still experiencing issues. Thank you!
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