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When I use Hey Google or a on board button to activate the google assistant in my car the activating sound starts. However after I ask google to do something it will preform the task but it does not give any audio feedback.
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I have the same issue 
Plug phone into usb
Starr AA from head unit
Press button on steering wheel
Sometimes there is a beep, sometimes not
Issue voice command
GA appears to receive it and appears to be responding based on the activity at the head unit but no sound.
If I then play music via AA, pause it and then try voice command again, it will work and respond with sound.
Only seems to be an issue with GA sound as phone commands and responses work OK.
Not that it should matter but I use a KIA and a Huawei PSmart phone.
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Any fixes to the lack of audio. Kind of ruined the android auto experience for me
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I have the same problem. Sometimes there is sound the first time I use it, but then I have to guess what it replies. Sometimes there is no sound the first time, but then sound when I use maps. Very annoying and not very useful.
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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the feedback. If you haven’t already please try clearing the cache for Google Assistant by clearing the cache for Google.

To do so:
Open phone Settings > Apps & notifications > Google > Storage > Clear cache and clear storage
For better tracking, could you please fill out the following information. We appreciate your patience.

  • Error message: if available  
  • Would you like to receive instructions for capturing a bug report via email?
  • How frequently does the issue occur?(ie 100% on every launch or 50% not so frequent)
  • Estimate of when this issue began to appear:
  • Car / head unit make & model:
  • Phone make & model:
  • Android OS version:
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David, it's not a caching issue.
I experience it with two Pixel 3 XL phone even after factory resets.

I'll give  you a some scenarios:

1. Just started the car, Radio\Bluetooth playing - Voice detected only once (till you restart Android Auto). After that pushing the voice button on the steering wheel, or using "ok Gooogle" phrase triggers the assistant, but it not channeling the audio to the head unit, and the head unit gets stuck for ~30 seconds.

2. Head unit playing Android Auto music - The google assistant works perfectly fine triggered by voice detection and voice button on the steering wheel.

3. Head unit has paused Android Auto music - same symptoms as in step 1.

It's definitely Android Pie issue, my Samsung S7 with Oreo works perfectly fine.
Something related to the audio channeling to the head unit when Radio or Bluetooth is selected on head unit, or Android Auto is selected but not playing.

Honda CR-V 2017.
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I got the same issues as described here. Sometimes everything is perfect, other times there is audio from Music or Maps, but the Assistant is silent, is activated on press on wheel, but doesn't accept any commands. Other times both navigation and assistant are silent, but music works. Very random. I need to unplug and replug the phone one or multiple times to fix it.
I got a Pixel 2 XL with current stable build.
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I have exactly the same issue on also on Pixel 3XL with Pioneer AVH-9200DAB
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Just an update on additional investigation. 

Having uninstalled, reinstalled a bunch of apps to see if this helps matters, I found that when I uninstall Spotify, everything works. I also had bluetooth phone problems and removing spotify also has cleared this up.

I've not got to the root problem as to why this is happening. I have premium spotify account and also Sonos and can therefore use spotify connect to output on Sonos - amongst others.

Interestingly when I started having the problem, i did notice on the Pixel that Spotify Connect notifications kept being displayed.

I have a pixel 2 XL and will take that to factory setting and try some testing on a Spotify app both with and without premium account to see if there is any fact base to this theory.
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Pixel XL 2 no sound from assistant. Wife's iPhone 8 works fine on same unit using carplay.

I have never made it one day on Android auto with our something going on.
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3 days
 Go to  Google app > Settings > Voice > Spoken results > All voice searches
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