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Google Music thru Android Auto plays album tracks in random order instead of track order 0 Recommended Answers 11 Replies 15 Upvotes
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When asking Google to play an album in my Google Play Music library in thru Android Auto, it is not playing in order of album track, but random even though random is not selected.  I feel like this only started happening recently, but I'm not positive. If I pick up my phone and go to the Google Play Music app and play the album that way, it will plays thru Android Auto in order.  Just refuses to work when I use audible commands.

"OK Google. Play <album name> from my library."
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Been having the same issue for some time now. Really wish Google would fix this. Believe it or not people still listen to albums in the proper order.
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Also feel like this started recently though it has happened in the past. For now I have to ask to play an album and then go to my screen, tap on music, tap on the down arrow, tap on recent then select the album that I just asked it to play and then it plays in order.

Of course this is hugely distracting while I should be driving.
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This is a so annoying but I am happy it wasn't just me not being able to figure out how to use the app correctly. Concept albums makes no sense if not played in the right track order. Like Scenes From a Memory by Dream Theater - every song leads to the next.
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So when are we going to get an answer on this Google? These are your products that are failing to work properly.
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Same problem here. Has been happening for me for quite some time.
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Having this problem with both Spotify and apple music. Very annoying! Please fix this!
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This started happening a month or so ago for me too. It must be a recent bug that got introduced in one of the updates. I am playing music from my personal uploads (not a subscriber) and from downloaded tracks if that is affecting the order at all.
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I am having a similar, but I believe different problem. Every time I connect my phone to my truck, at the very least "Repeat" is enabled in Google Play Music, and about 80% of the time "Shuffle" is also enabled. I have learned to automatically check via my truck head unit if shuffle is enabled, and disable it. I shouldn't have to do this every time though. In addition, "Repeat" is not accessible via Android Auto / the head unit. At which point I have to unlock my phone, open the app, find and click the "Repeat" button twice. Again, I do this prior to driving, but again, I should not have to. This only happens when I connect it to my truck. If I only open Android Auto on my phone when not connected to my truck, this does not happen. 2019 Ford F-150. Samsung Galaxy S9+. Google Play Music.
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Spent hours battling this issue today. I did not have shuffle switched on in menu but it seems to activate automatically. During playback swipe up so the album artwork is showing. Bottom right is an icon of two arrows crossing. If it shows as orange press it until it shows white. That should return tracks to correct order. Took me f*cking ages to find that out, hope this helps someone!
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Has anyone been able to resolve this yet? I've been fighting this for well over a year now. The issue seems to be Google Assistant. Very annoying especially when driving and using Android Auto. Mine definitely is not in random mode, Google Assistant just plays everything in random order. 

Can't believe more haven't complained about it.
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Are we the only ones who listen to albums in order anymore?! 

What I've found on my Note 9 is there is the Google Assistant and the Google App. 

Pressing the microphone button in the Google App and asking to play an album works correctly every time. Asking the same thing to the Assistant randomizes the tracks. Problem with this though is pressing the voice button in Android Auto summons the Assistant.
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