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Andriod app wont connect to my 2019 kia sportage via usb. 0 Recommended Answers 18 Replies 32 Upvotes
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When I connect my phone to the head unit via a usb cable (the cable that came with my galaxy s7 phone) the android auto app stays greyed out(?)
It will charge my phone but the app does not do anything.
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Have you paired the phone and the vehicle via bluetooth?
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Yes, it is paired. It tries to read the usb device, and after few seconds it fails and say usb device not ready.
I have same issue.
BTW - the Apple carplay is working fine.
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I just recently started having this same problem in my Kia Sorento (also a 2019). I thought there was something wrong with my cable, but even with a new one the screen will say it's connecting but then it won't. I uninstalled/reinstalled the app in my phone, tried different cables. But the app is grayed out on the car's screen. Not sure why it isn't working all of a sudden.
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Same here. It was working for months on my Honda Crv then just stopped about a week ago. Even tried a factory reset. I have a Pixel 3.
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There is a major issue with AA at the moment, looks like an app update killed MTP on Pie and thus Android Auto, and file transfer to PC's won't work.

It's 99% likely that the issue is not something that you can solve it a Google issue.

There's a ton of threads that cover it on here, and a form that you fill out to report it.
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It has to do with the app. I had the same issue and I plugged the phone in and then reloaded the app. When I started the app again while plugged USB to the car I followed  the Google assistant instructions on the android auto app and it popped on the car screen. When I try to access android auto on the phone it will not respond on the phone.
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Another thing I noticed with the Android auto app on the phone is that if it starts on the phone Bluetooth then it will not work. You have to restart the phone so we can project on your screen for the car
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I just purchased a new Kia Sportage and am not able to connect Android Auto to car head unit. I've tried heaps of different cables that work just fine for data transfer on the computer and am actually happy to read that it is an issue with the App. Means I wont drive myself crazy trying to get the damn thing going until there is an App update.
thanks :)
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Hi All,

Receiving the same issue here when trying to connect Andorid Auto, I get message stating "phone is not responding" I have a Samsung S10+ and a 2019 Sportage as well. 

I've even tried contacting the developers and no response from them nor google, the only ones that responded were Samsung stating that most likely it's a software issue with the app. 

@google any response for any of us?
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5 days
Same here, can something be done collectively?
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