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  • Error message: n/a
  • Car / head unit make & model: 2017 Subaru Impreza (stock Harmon-Kardon headunit).
  • Phone make & model: OnePlus 5
  • Android OS version (Settings > About phone): 9.0
  • Android Auto app version:  4.1.590944
  • Google Play services version: 15.1.81

My AA frequently disconnects between 1-20min after plugging in to my stock head unit. I've tried 3 different high-quality cables (Anker, Samsung, original OnePlus cable) and they all disconnect after 20 min max. It wont re-connect until i unplug, wait a min, reconnect. Even when it disconnects it still shows that its charging. I have tried disabling Battery Optimization, disabled Bluetooth Scanning, disabled Adaptive Battery to no avail. Brought my car in to Subaru who performed factory updates to the HU to also no avail. 

Im running out of ideas - anyone?
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Facing same issue, one plus 3
Sony head unit
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Same issue with my 2018 Nissan Maxima and Samsung s8.
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Seeing the same issue here. My Galaxy S10+ will only stay connected to my head unit for 5-10 minutes at most before disconnecting and the heat unit says "Unsupported device". I've tried rebooting the phone and different cables.
  • Error message: n/a
  • Car / head unit make & model: Kenwood DDX9705S
  • Phone make & model: Samsung Galaxy S10+
  • Android OS version (Settings > About phone): 9.0
  • Android Auto app version:  4.1.590944
  • Google Play services version: 16.7.97
Last edited 4/18/19
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Same problem here. 2017 Chevy Bolt and Pixel 2 XL. At first I thought it was Wi-Fi related, so the only other thing I've tried that you didn't mention is enabling the Limit Wi-Fi option under Settings -> General, but that hasn't helped either. The disconnects start at approximately the same location when I'm driving, so maybe it has to do with the cellular network.
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I have a 2017 Mitsubishi outlander. So frustrating and not safe at all. Disconnecting after 10 mins. If im trying to use my maps it disconnects. It's supposed to be hands free. Trying to call someone it randomly works.
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I have a note 9 updates to Pie and I am facing disconnects in the first minute. It rarely stays connected more than 1 minute.
I've got a Kia Sportage 2017 with the last software updates done in December 2018 but I also testes it with vw and the same happens.
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Same issue.  It may be related to the latest 9.0 update (May 5 Security Update) to my Pixel 3: PQ3A.190505.002
* AA Version 4.2.591444
* Direct USBC to A connection
* Subaru Outback 2018 with latest head unit update: Rel_UO18.24.43.20

After starting the car, and an always-successful connection to AA, AA disconnects after about 20 minutes.  It reconnects on its own, but only lasts about a minute after that.  It cycles connect/disconnect.  It occasionally displays an error asking to reconnect the cable.  Nothing helps much, other than stopping and restarting the car... which only gives me another 20 minutes.  Near useless mess.

5/14/2019 UPDATE:
I have lost all Android Auto on my Outback head unit.  No combination of cables, reboot, AA Auto Update reinstall, putting USB mode into File Transfer.  Nothing works.  No response at all when plugging in USB.

Another 5/14/2019 UPDATE:
My Moto G5+, running Android 8.1 works fine.  I haven't tested if it stays on.  Confirms that problem is with Android 9.0 and/or my Pixel 3.
Last edited 5/15/19
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SOLVED - I had ongoing issues with " Searching for GPS" after 10 mins of being plugged into car USB connection. Finally resolved by DISABLING POWER SAVE MODE. I have had no issue and consistent performance as expected since making this  change.
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What exactly did you do in order to disable Power Save Mode? (I tried a number of things including disabling energy optimization of AndroidAuto on my phone, on Google Maps etc., uninstalling Greenify - nothing helped)
I have the same issue and consider it a severe safety risk if my Navigation disconnects in midst of traffic without possibility of an immediate stop in order to find my way again. To me it seems, bad signal increases the risk of connection loss to my car as well as time sync (Error 8). I am using the recommended Anker cable and also tried the recommended Amazon Basiscs cable (in the shortest versions available) - to no avail.
So if PowerManagement is an issue and anything additionally could be disabled please advise. Thanks.

Edit: If it helps: I am on Android 8.1.0
Last edited 6/6/19
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3 hr
I think it may depend on the unit.  I recently installed an alpine ILX-W650 head unit in my 2003 Honda Element and AA hasn't disconnected once.  The Element ride is much rougher than my other vehicle so if anything you'd think the disconnects would be more frequent.  One difference is that the USB connection on the Alpine is in the rear of the radio while the one in my Ford focus is in the center console.
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