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I found an old topic and posted this yesterday but I can't see my post anywhere to starting again for awareness. I was asked by google support to post my issue on here. Link to video of the issue is below:

Error message: if available  

Phone make & model: Google Pixel

Android OS version: 9 March 5th Security

Android Auto app version: 4.0.590434

Google Play services version: 13.9.17-all

Google app version:

Below is the recent explaination I sent to Google support:

Hi Samuel,

Apologies for the delay but here is a video if the issue. I believe many other people are experiencing the same thing. Have spoken to colleagues etc who confirm same issue. Just to be clear, I am using the Android Auto App on my google pixel 2, connected to my car through the bluetooth audio connection and also phone capability.

The issue clearly comes to the fact that enabling the google assistant pauses the audio which in turn means the car head unit mutes audio to allow the phone call channel through (car thinks I am receiving a phone call due to the audio being paused). Unfortunately it seems the google assistant voice is routed through media audio (which has been muted due to the song being paused), instead it should be routed through the same audio channel as a phone call.

Step by step:
1. Android Auto app is playing spotify audio through bluetooth to cars head unit
2. I enable google assistant by pressing the mic button on android auto app
3. I speak my command / request
4. Google assistant starts to respond but by which time the head unit has muted the audio for music as it thinks I am receiving a phone call
5. Google assistants response is then muted until it finishes speaking
6. Spotify audio then starts playing again and car head unit un mutes audio

The google assistant needs to be routed as if it is a phone call. This way when the car head unit mutes the audio (music) I will still hear the assistants response.


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Thanks for the video. I tried the process as described with my Pixel (1) and VW Golf and experience the same result - the head unit mutes while GA is responding to the voice command. Tried it with a number of media plays (Amazon Music, Spotify, TuneIn) and the result is the same. Strangely, one of my media player apps (RadioParadise) did not mute the response though.
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2017 Alfa Giulia, stopped working two months ago.  Same issue.  Nav voice works ok.  Only assistant can't be heard.  Pixel 2.
Last edited 3/19/19
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Same issue. Pixel 2xl, 2015 VW GTI. When connected over bluetooth, using assistant causes all audio to mute meaning you cannot hear anything. This renders text message reading/responding useless. MAJOR functionality issue.
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Hey Kris, 

Thanks for your response. Looks like the old thread was locked after migrating to the new forums. Are you still experiencing this issue on the latest version of Android Auto app (version 4.1)? Could you try resetting your bluetooth settings on your car system by deleting your phone info on the bluetooth settings and re-adding your phone? Let us know if the issue persists. Thanks!
Last edited 4/3/19
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Also, could everyone fill out the information below so we may better understand the experience on this issue. Thanks!
  • Error message: if available  
  • Are you using Android Auto on your phone screen or car’s display?
  • Does the issue occur outside of Android Auto app?
  • Car / head unit make & model: if you use Android Auto on your car display
  • Phone make & model:
  • Android OS version:
  • Google app version: (Settings > Apps (or Apps & notifications > App info) > Google)
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Hi Paul,

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes this is still happening on the latest version. Have deleted my phone from my car system and deleted the entry for the car system from my phone and then paired again. Something to add which I noticed lately. This doesn't just happen in Android Auto, I tried using the Google Assistant from the pixel 2 home screen and the vocal response was still muted by my car head unit.


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Same error
  • Error message: None 
  • Are you using Android Auto on your phone screen or car’s display? Car's display
  • Does the issue occur outside of Android Auto app? No
  • Car / head unit make & model: Seat Ibiza 2018
  • Phone make & model: Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Android OS version: Both Pie and Q (beta 1)
  • Google app version:
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Hey Kris and Víctor,

The Google Assistant team is investigating the issue. We'd like to request bug reports from you to help diagnose. We'll send you an email individually with instructions on how to capture a bug report, so please reply directly to the email with your bug report. Thanks!
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Hi Paul,

Sorry about the late reply.  I am still having the issue with my Pixel 2, even after the re-pair with phone and head unit.  FYI, head unit has been replaced since issue occurred and is also happening on new unit.  Here are the answers to your questions:

  • Error message: None 
  • Are you using Android Auto on your phone screen or car’s display? Phone screen
  • Does the issue occur outside of Android Auto app? No
  • Car / head unit make & model: 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0 US Version
  • Phone make & model: Google Pixel 2
  • Android OS version: 9.0
  • Google app version:
Feel free to send my the bug report instructions too, if you still need info.  Thanks for your help!
Last edited 4/4/19
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4 hr
Got the same issue in a 2019 Jetta exec line.
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