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Voice commands and text to speech won't work, but only for text messages 0 Recommended Answers 79 Replies 235 Upvotes
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Voice commands work fine on Android auto for everything except text messages. Text to speech won't work for text messages either. Used to work just fine, then stopped. Made sure all apps were updated to latest versions. Made sure Android auto had all relevant permissions enabled. Made sure Google services and text to speech all had full permissions. Made sure messages app had full permissions. Voice commands work for all other apps.

Android auto version: 4.0.590434
Vehicle: 2017 Chevy Colorado
OS version: 8.1.0
Huawei Nexus 6P
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Hi Mario,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you give us an estimate to when this behavior began to appear? Have you tried clearing the cache for Auto and Play Services?

To do so:
Open phone Settings > Apps & notifications > Android Auto > Storage > Clear cache and clear data
Open phone Settings > Apps & notifications > Google Play services > Storage > Clear cache
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Clearing the cache has made it possible to compose new texts via voice, so we have a partial victory there. However, reading texts still does not work. I press the play button next to a new text and I get the 4 Google color dots that just hang there as if expecting input, but no voice comes. Eventually they time out and the radio audio resumes.

Tough to say when this started as I usually ignore texts while I'm driving. Maybe a month or two ago?
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I am unable to send any type of txt messages I wish I could post a video here. Everything goes fine until "are you ready to send it" once you say yes the response is "I am not sure how to help with that". Same issue for the past four months. Please I need to fix this somehow I can't be here reporting the same issue over and over again every week somebody please get back to me. I am using oneplus6t and even without connecting it to my car display just oppening AA app and pressing mike and trying to send a text gives same results. With every update I hope it will get fixed but it does not. Need help asap.
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I have exactly the same issue on a Sony Xperia XZ1 for almost a year. This was the same on both Oreo and Pie. It last worked back in February 2018 but that old version on Android Auto no longer installs so can't roll back to it. I have tried all builds beginning with 3.5 onwards and none work.

Google assistant does voice texting flawlessly and as AA supposedly used Google Assistant now I don't understand what the issue could be.
Last edited 3/22/19
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David Wallis said: "Google assistant does voice texting flawlessly and as AA supposedly used Google Assistant now I don't understand what the issue could be."

They key word in that sentence is SUPPOSEDLY  - you're making a big assumption there as obviously if they used the same engine they either both would work or both would not work for the same voice commands.

For many of us, AA is currently completely unreliable close to the point of being useless.
Last edited 3/22/19
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Sprint LGG6 o/s 8.0 2018 Murano with AA

After 10 months of the same 'texting/speech/message' sending issue as experienced by so many others, it looks like my problems have been solved by the latest AA update (March 18 4.1.51xx) and Google update (March 1st I'm 6 for 6 in requests and sending. Worked perfectly. Make sure your music sound volume is lowered. All other AA features continue to work also...as they always did. Hope this helps others.
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Had same problem had to mirror my phone. It got turned off after an update...
Hope this helps
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Any other AA team members have a solution for the continuing text to speech issue? Speech to text is working just fine. It's a 1-way issue as described in my earlier posts.
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I'm also having the same issue as Mario T. Everything was working fine when I had my Galaxy S8. Once I got the Galaxy S10, Text to speech for text messages no longer worked. I click on the message on my car display screen, and it only shows this attached image. Please help us.
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  • Error message: No error message
  • Are you using Android Auto on your phone screen or car’s display? Car's display
  • Does the issue occur outside of Android Auto app? No
  • Car / head unit make: 2019 Hyundai Elantra Value Edition
  • Phone make & model:  Galaxy S10+
  • Android OS version: 10
  • Google app version: (Settings > Apps (or Apps & notifications > App info) > Google) Google App Version
  • What did you say to Google? How was it recognized by Google? (You can check https://myactivity.google.com/myactivity) - I've said "Hey Google" or "OK Google" and it allows me to say the message, but closes before it asks me to send or change it.
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