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Last edited 8/19/19
Can't connect or stay connected after completing the steps above? To better assist, please fill out this form here if you would like to capture and submit a bug report.
Here are some steps you can take to diagnose/address the issue:
1. Confirm that when you plug the phone into the car that it shows the phone is charging: Did that enable you to connect on plugin?
a. No? Then your cable / port has a severe connection problem. Often in the past this is pocket lint in the phone USB port. Did cleaning out your pocket lint fix the issue?
b. No? Proceed to step 2.
2. Confirm that Android Auto is enabled on your car: Some head units have it turned off by default (e.g. Kia / Hyundai) talk to your manufacturer if you dislike this). Often this is in the head unit’s settings page. Confirm that it is enabled. Did that enable you to connect on plugin?
a. No? Proceed to step 3
3. Check that the phone is turned on and unlocked: Follow any instructions that appear on your phone.
a. Nothing appears on your phone? Proceed to step 
4. Confirm that the phone is allowing data transfer to the head unit in the car: When your phone is connected to the car, swipe down from the notification shade in Android, and you’ll see a notification that the phone is charging via USB. Tap that and select “MTP” or “Media Transfer”. Did that enable you to connect on plugin?
a. No? Proceed to step.
5. Confirm that the Android Auto app and Google App are up-to-date: Please go to Google Play > Menu My apps & games > Updates and ensure that you have the latest versions of those apps. Did that enable you to connect on plugin?
a. No? Proceed to step.
b. Able to connect intermittently? Some cars, head units, phones, and cables are more susceptible to USB signal drop. Our users have had good results switching to shorter, tested USB cables to sustain a reliable connection. A list of these cables is here. Through past bug reports we have found defective USB cables at fault for most connectivity issues.
6. Clear storage/cache: Another troubleshooting step is to clear the cache and storage for Android Auto, Google App, and Google Play Services. 
To do so:
Open phone Settings > Apps & notifications > Android Auto > Storage > Clear cache and clear storage
Open phone Settings > Apps & notifications > Google > Storage > Clear cache and clear storage
Open phone Settings > Apps & notifications > Google Play Services > Storage > Clear cache and clear storage 
7. Still broken? Let us know by responding to the form. Please provide the information below and note that we may reach out to you via email with bug report instructions. Bug reports help us understand the issue you are experiencing better. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
    • Error message:
    • Car / head unit make & model:
    • Phone make & model:
    • Android OS version (Settings > About phone):
    • Android Auto app version (Settings > Apps > Android Auto):
    • Google Play services version (Settings > Apps > Google Play services):
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I have figured out how to generate the bug report and have done so. I can't however figure out how to attach and send the bug report to you. What am I missing ?

Jay Friedman 1438
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I have a Pixel 2 phone that stopped working after the April 5th security patch. The USB cable is showing as charging, but will not display to the compatible car. I have a 2017 Chevrolet Malibu that came with a android auto compatible display console. I've used android auto for a long time successfully, but the it will not connect anymore. With USB Debugging turned on I can see options greyed out with Charge Only selected along with "This Device" for the top option. If I wait while it is connected and looking at USB Preferences, I can sometimes change it to PTP and it works for a very short time. The cable has been swapped out, and I tried the other USB port in the car. It appears to be an issue with the latest security patch.
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There is a problem ocurring. Once connected with my car, the app works well. If I get out of my car (power off and lock it) and then get in again, android auto does not work anymore, unless I reinitialize my cell phone. It is ocurring both my actual phone (oneplus 6 with android 9) and with my last phone (huawei honor 9 with android 9)
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Con Samsung galaxy s8 plus e sistema operativo android 9, si connette al display dell'auto solo se riavvio il telefono, altrimenti niente. Sarebbe buono capire il perché.
Last edited 6/28/19
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Guys, I fixed this issue at least for Redmi note 6 pro. I enabled the USB Tethering option which fixed my issue and connected to Android Auto.
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