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Alex Flom

Android auto with hangouts and Google voice

Texts sent from Android auto are sourcing from my cellphone number and not from my Google Voice number. Hangouts is my default SMS app and my Google Voice number is set as the default SMS number. Has anyone else encountered this?
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Bryan Morgante
Bryan Morgante
Yes. Every text I've initiated via AA sends as carrier SMS and only shows up in the Messenger app...even though I have Hangouts set to be the default SMS app. Have not tried it since the 2.0 update but doubt this behavior changed.

I don't think it's possible to send a Google Voice SMS via Hangouts (or any other app for that matter) on AA.
Original Poster
Alex Flom
I disabled the messenger app and it still manages to send SMS from my carrier number. I can't imagine it being very hard for the devs to remedy.
Expert - Top Contributor
Hi Alex - This issue has been around for a while.  I am not sure it is an Android Auto issue.  If you disconnect from Android Auto and say "OK Google, send a text to Joe Smith".  The message will not be sent with your Google Voice number.  When you reply to a text through Android Auto, does it reply correctly?  I believe the issue is only when you compose a new text.  Is that correct?
Original Poster
Alex Flom
I tried replying and found that the message came from my GV number. Now I am glad that I posted. The problem of new texts sourcing from my cellphone number persists.
Not a 100% solution, but overall android auto is a great product and I hope that a fix is incorporated into subsequent versions.
Jeff Young
Jeff Young
Alex, I agree that this is a major problem with most of Google's products. They are great on their own but they do not integrate them very well at all. I use Google Voice (which is a great service) and Hangouts (which is a terrible app) on my phone and desktop because Google Messenger doesn't support GV. The Google Voice app is better than Hangouts but it doesn't support MMS or Group Texts. So, it seems we're stuck with Hangouts. 

Like you I think that Android Auto is a nice app but the fact that it cannot use Google Voice numbers to send texts is a non-starter. No one has my carrier number so sending it from that number would just confuse people. To make it worse, I've also discovered that Android Auto uses the carrier's voicemail rather than GV voicemail so that makes the phone feature worthless. Finally, it appears that Android Auto app is good for Maps and Google Music so I might be able to just use it for that. Google needs to figure out how to make their products work together. 
Vince Notardonato
Vince Notardonato


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