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[FAQ] Tips for choosing a compatible USB cable for using Android Auto

Not all USB cables will work with all cars. If you're having trouble connecting to Android Auto, try using a new USB cable.

Here are some tips to finding the best USB cable to use with Android Auto:

  • Use a cable that's under 6ft long and avoid using cable extensions.

  • Make sure your cable has the USB icon .

If Android Auto has stopped working in your compatible car:

  • Try replacing your USB cable - that fixes the issue in most cases!

Share with the community!

Have you found a USB cable that works well?  Let us know in the comments, and we’ll keep updating this post with your recommendations.

  • Brand name:
  • Model number:
  • Link:

Your friendly fellow gearhead,

Ernest, on behalf of the Android Auto team

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If you can, the best USB cable to use is the one that came with your phone :-)
I'm looking for one myself. Currently I'm on Pioneer 4100 NEX, and I'm using a standard USB cable, with a USB C adapter from TechMate. It works with Nexus 6P, but it's not working for Pixel XL.

Looking either for a good USB C cable (which means I have to open up my dashboard.. sigh), or a better USB C adapter.
By all means, avoid cheap no-name cables with AA. Life is too short to spend it debugging cable problems.

Some reliable brands that are relatively inexpensive and easy to find are:


If you have a USB-C connected phone and a USB-A equipped AA head unit or auto, make sure that you search the comments on the adapter cable to see if Benson Leung has left a comment on whether or not the cable is safe. Benson is the preeminent expert on USB-C cable safety and he personally tests many of the cables from first and second tier companies.
My USB C adapter was Benson Leung's approved. But it's still a hit and miss. I suspect it's the USB A cable that's a factor here, and the fact that the the head unit doesn't deliver much power. At least that's the explanation I get after talking to one of the Android Auto's Engineer last year. It won't charge the phone while it's being used, just good enough to sustain battery level.
Phil Nickinson
Phil Nickinson
Same(ish) for me. The cable I was using with the 6P works, at least until everything freezes after about 10 seconds.

The cable that came with the Pixel leads to display errors, and is completely frozen.
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Anthony Leonardi
Anthony Leonardi
I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and have been using a 3 foot anker  type C cable but it works only 40% of the time.  What Gives?   This is so frustrating that I am seriously thinking of going to an I Phone. 
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