I can't find the Android Auto app on my phone

Starting with Android 10, Android Auto is built into the phone as a technology that enables your phone to connect to your car display. This means you no longer have to install a separate app from the Play Store to use Android Auto with your car display.  

If you don't have an Android Auto compatible car or prefer to access Android Auto on your phone screen, there are three options:

  1. If you're upgrading your phone from Android 9 to Android 10, make sure that your phone already has Android Auto installed before you upgrade. If so, the app icon will carry over to your newly upgraded device.
  2. You can use Google Backup to backup and restore from another device that already has Android Auto app installed.
  3. In the coming weeks, we'll be publishing a separate app called “Android Auto for Phone Screens” in the Play Store. You can download this app to continue using the phone screen version of Android Auto. More information is coming soon.
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