Screens and apps on Android Auto

See what Android Auto's screens look like and where to find everything, whether you're using your phone screen or connecting to your car display.

Use Android Auto on your phone screen

Home screen

The first screen that you'll see when you start Android Auto is your home screen. You'll find personalised information here, such as time to your destination, reminders, recent calls, incoming messages, the song that you're listening to and Google Now cards.

To exit the Android Auto app and go back to your phone, tap the Home button  or select Exit app from the menu. 

Here's an example of what your home screen might look like and information about each section:

Auto home on phone
  1. Navigation suggestions and recent places.
  2. Reminders, messages, calls and other alerts.
  3. Microphone.
  4. Allows you to return to your Home Screen or exit the app. 

You can say "Ok Google" or select the microphone Microphone to talk to Google. 

Use Android Auto on your car display

App Launcher

Tap on the App Launcher button to open the app launcher, where you'll find the familiar app icons laid out with your most commonly used apps automatically featured in the top row.

You'll see that several of the icons have the Google Assistant badge. By tapping the icon, your Assistant will tell you about your calendar, give you the weather report, read you the news or set a reminder for you. 

Here's what your App Launcher looks like and information about each section:
App launcher UI
  1. App launcher: Tap on the App Launcher button to open app launcher. 
  2. Multi-tasking widget: You can control ongoing content with this widget, while using another app.
  3. Notification centre: Tap on the notification button Notification button to see your recent calls, messages and alerts. 
  4. Microphone: Tap on the microphone Assistant microphone to talk to Google. 


You can say "Ok Google" or select the microphone Microphone to talk to Google. Your car might also have a physical voice command button on the steering wheel that you can press and hold to talk to Google. Check your user guide or consult your car's manufacturer for more information. 

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