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Updated: Today
I can't find any backup on the Phone only on google drive My Phone was sent to repair but they couldnt fix it so I got a New one. Both are p30 lite. When I lo…
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When I open my apps menu and scroll to the very right, I have 5 apps called "Google System" I have tried to uninstall them. The only option that shows up is to move them to the home screen. Al…
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Can we remove the Google search bar on home screen? In Android 10 the screen real estate is being taken up by the Google Assistant bottom bar since we a… The total data usage does not match individual app data usage Hello community, I use an galaxy s10 with android 10. My problem is, that my mobile data usage is ex…
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My play store is not working. No download any app. Please help Play store is not working
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Macam mana nk backup dgn kad SD Kad sd
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I was playing the game thug life all of a sudden it won't let me play I'm trying to play my game I spent money and I can't even play My phones hot spot says my device is connected but my device says error 110. Why? I've tried resetting, rebooting, Checking IP settings, log on and off, resetting smart hub, resettin…
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Using Hotspot with an ESIM not working I recently bought a PIXEL 3A (Android 10) . Everything works fine and Hotspot works when I am using …
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Disable warning about casting Android 10 has added this security warning every time the screen is casted. Having this happen the f…
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Lost phone Sign in to find phone
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When is Android 10 coming to Mi A3 (Android one device) It's been over two to three weeks since the official release of Android 10. Mi A3 being an Android o… USB Preferences > USB Controlled By "Connected device" can't switch When trying to charge my phone with the provided USB C wall charger, my phone won't charge. I believ…
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My phone copies things to a "clip tray" where do I access the clip tray? I need to find how to access a clip tray where items are copied to.
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Phone screen picture is in x-ray form want regular screen color back,how? Get regular screen color back,it's in an x-ray type color
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Who watching me Who got acsses
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Why do some notifications with pictures have their text cut off when expanded? As above, using a Huawei Mate 20 Pro which has just updated to 10 (although it had same problem befo…
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Decline of WiFi speed after upgrade to Android 10 My home network limit is 200 Mbps for download and 100 Mbps for upload. Wifi worked fine at this spe… Harman head unit, android auto USB connection disconnects in 12 mins. Screen freezes. I own a tata nexon car. The head unit is of Harman. When I connect my vivo 1727 phone via USB to the…
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Pixel 3 - Unable to connect to internet or mobile data after Jan 2020 update Hello, I have a Pixel 3 that has been working great up until 2 days ago, when the most recent Androi…
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