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Good morning please find the best time Help CenterCommunity Back T Google EmployeeTristan O. 2/22/20 Answering your questions on Huawei dev…
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Gboard is showing Google emojis on my Samsung phone. How do I get Gboard to show system emojis? Hello, Seemingly out of nowhere, my Gboard started showing me Google emojis instead of Samsung emoji…
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My phone was lost and it was switch off right now how can I find it through other phone I have tried https://www.google.com/android/find?did=FR9enl9P0BIBIZO6Rr39dX8REq8n0plv0H5NrMNa-GQ%3D&…
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Since most recent update on Galaxy s9+, I only have one alarm tone as an option. How do I get more? Since my latest update on my T-Mobile Galaxy s9+, I only have one alarm "sound" to choose from. I us…
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My phone's screen would suddenly go black and end up back on the Lock Screen while I'm using it As I use my phone's screen would suddenly go black for a second and then bring me back to the Lock S…
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How do i make sure my ip adress is not public or any of my info public but mainly location I e turned off al locations on all apps and accounts and phone but it's still showing my location by…
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How do i do a system software update without wifi How do i preform software system update without wifi
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Google search is white while dark mode is turned on Recently, I opened google search and the theme was white. Dark mode is on, and it is the only google…
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How can I stop someone who is actively hacking my account? Tried everything Google suggested Changed password, phone number, 2 step verification, remotely locked and erased the phone that the h… Can my SM-G360H bew upgraded to a 4g phone Nothing
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Updated: Yesterday
FRP doesn't work with correct email and password. How to unlock? 1) Registered new account on a new device. 2) Hard reset device (Samsung Galaxy Tab A) 3) Log-in wit…
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Why can't we postpone updates? Why is it ok for an update to force itself no matter what? And then it doesn't even pick up where it…
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I reset my phone and forgot gmail password help please Everything possible I no longer have the number on the account and I can't access the security code
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FRP locked me out of my own phone!!!! I had to factory reset my phone due to some software issues during an update. When i turned the phon…
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I can no longer change the size of a widget on my home screen I added a widget to my home screen but can't resize it. I hold my finger on it, then let go. The dot…
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The whole point of Smart Lock WAS to ALWAYS unlock the phone. Smart Lock has become RetardedLock. Smart Lock now requires a password to unlock, defeating the whole point of Smart Lock. Why did you b… Smart Lock not working on android 10! Have used Smart Lock for quite a while now. Stopped consistently working once I got android 10. Used… Need to be able to control security updates as some can be harmful to a customized phone. Please! I have shut off every "auto update" switch on the phone.. but yet, I'm still getting a push. Nothing…
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How do i beckup my photos? Picture
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