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How to stop "Mobile network standby" from draining my battery. 3/4 weeks ago I started to notice that the battery of my phone was lasting way less than it used to.… Managing my battery life No no apps "Other" apps consume more than half of my battery, is there any ways to list them out? As you can see some apps are out of controll, but i can't find out it in the settings. Tried using G…
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Question about OTG and mouse/charger usage! Hello, sorry for the long text and silly question. Here's the thing: I recently bought an USB-C adap… Moto e4 plus not getting updates My android present version is 7.1.1 ,not getting updated versions, when I cheking settings system up… i have galaxy a70 when someone calls me when im using aux the sound dissapear i have to reboot ive tried to use Bluetooth headset but the phone mic is where the sound going from i have to use aux… Google shuts down web links and apps because says they "may drain my battery" how do I turn it off I want to stop Google controll over my entire phone. All permissions have been turned off at some po… There is an unknow process used over 20% power. It is named '-5' in the usage monitor. It cannot be forced to end or uninstall. It has been directed to google photo when I click launch bu…
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Quick Flash on Screen Hello. For the past few weeks, when on Twitter, Youtube or Chrome apps, I'll be doing my stuff and t… Something in phone is draining my battery.its been on charge for 20hrs only has 32 per cent. Dark mode is off, looks like music was hacked into, they're not open so how and can't get into it
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Charging problem with Samsung phone Hello. Recently my phone's battery died, so I was wanting to normally charge it as usually. Although… Android apps are opening very slow, showing app isn't responding while opening. Device was working fine until an Android update around Jan 2021. Since then apps are taking too much… How does one go about using a Samsung account and a Google account efficiently on 1 device? I am currently setting up my Note 10 galaxy phone. The Samsung internet,apps,and store are new to me… Unknown Applications using data and battery Multiple applications namely 10285, 10309, 10313 10310, 10295, 10286, 10308, 10290 etc are using my … My phone’s screen is showiing a bunch of colours and lines. It looks screwed up. How do I fix this? I can hardly do anything on my phone. Clicking or typing is a nightmare. Heres a photo. My dad dropp… Battery goes down as I charge it My battery is just going down as it charges. I removed apps that may have slowed down my device, bui… My phone call popup is delayed when a call comes in, causing me to miss some - how to fix? I have a Pixel 4a and starting a while ago (maybe a few months), the incoming call popup is delayed … Phone keeps going back to homescreen or flickers randomly. Maps keeps minimizing + videos autorotate Prpblem has started after latest software update 1 week ago. While watching videos in landscape mode…
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