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My Nexus 7 won’t charge Wirelessly charging it don’t work at all. Regular usb won’t turn on/charge it My device(MIA2) taking much more time to charge after the update(android10).Plz help me. Please help me after update Android 10 on Mi A2 After update Android 10 on Mi a2 , my Fast Charging was Disable , and right now this charging it's v…
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My screen isn't actually touching where I touched and keeps freezing up I have tried deleting new apps restarting and just about everything I can Is anyone facing lag issues after updating android 10 on nokia low end devices The new update android 10 update is unstable on low end devices Please my phone always freezes when the blacklight is off and it starts working fine after restart. It's infinix note 5 Android version 10. My phone keeps on freezing once the screen light is off, pre…
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Need my mobile hotspot My hotspot is not working pay for more space or storage on my lapstop have more storage or space Huh yes quick question why does my battery overheat when i plug in the charger and speaking of plug What should Plz don't scam me I'm only a noob Plzz I've tried to get robux!!!!!! It's been hard this week Thanks for the help! Getting robux All day! I lost My android phone my gmail was logged in butk find my Device says it contact my device I’m trying to get my contact numbers maybe some musics and the pictures from my lost phone
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Android 10 bluetooth controller lag Seems to be an extreme lag or drift while I'm trying to play call of duty mobile. Started as soon as…
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Why , my phone couldn't make call to all contacts I m trying to set my phone, because it couldn't make calls
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Massive battery drain since android 10 update Huge battery drain since android 10 update. Can't even manage to the end of the working day, whereas…
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When disconnecting from head unit (wired) phone continues to say android auto starting Only thing I can do to make the notification stop is restart phone or else it drains battery why I got high ping on my phone when i play pubg on realme 6 sometimes it suddenly get 900 ping and on same server on another phone …
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