Use your Calculator app

You can do simple or advanced calculations with your phone's Calculator app .

Important: You can use the Calculator app on Android 6.0 and up. Get the Calculator app on the Google Play Store.

Copy or clear results

Important: Settings can vary by phone. For more info, contact your device manufacturer.

Delete entry or clear results
  • To delete part of an entry, tap Delete . If you don’t find Delete , tap DEL.
  • To clear all of an entry or to clear a final result, tap AC.
Copy & paste results
  1. To copy a result:
    1. Touch and hold the result.
    2. In the context menu, tap Copy.
  2. To paste a result:
    1. On the Calculator app or other apps, touch and hold where you want to paste.
    2. In the context menu, tap Paste.

Find, use, or delete past calculations

  • To find a list of your past equations and results: At the top of the calculator, swipe down. You can scroll to look through your past calculations.
  • To simultaneously view your past calculations and your calculator buttons: You can partially drag down your Calculator history. When the history is partially visible, you can still scroll to look through your past calculations.
  • To use a past equation or result in your current expression: Tap an equation or result.

Store, change & recall numbers

  1. Store a number:
    On the display or a result in your list of past calculations, touch and hold a number. Tap MS.
  2. Add to or subtract from a stored number:
    On the display or a result in your list of past calculations, touch and hold a number.
    • To add the new number to the stored number, tap M+.
    • To subtract the new number from the stored number, tap M-.
  3. Show the stored number with any changes:
    Put the cursor at the end of the display. Touch, hold, and lift your finger. Tap MR.

Do advanced math

There's a row of advanced operators and functions right underneath the display area. To find more advanced operators and functions, at the right, tap the Down arrow .

  • Some buttons that you’ll find include pi (π), superscript for exponents (^), cosine (cos), tangent (tan), logarithm (ln, log), and square root (√).
  • To switch between degree and radian units, tap DEG or RAD.
    • Tip: When you use a trigonometric function, the current mode appears at the top left.
  • To find more buttons, tap INV.

You can use mathematical constants, like pi and Euler's number. You can make complicated calculations, which include trigonometric, logarithmic, exponential, and factorial calculations.

If your result is a long number, you can scroll to find more digits.

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