Use SIM cards in phones with more than one SIM card

On some Android phones, you can install more than one SIM card and assign activities to each card. For example, you can assign phone calls and text messages to one SIM card and mobile data use to another.

Important: Before installing or removing a SIM card, turn off your phone.

Install SIM cards

  1. Confirm where your phone's SIM card slot is.
  2. Turn off your phone.
  3. Depending on your device, remove the SIM card tray or back cover. (If needed, remove the battery or lift the latch that keeps the SIM card in place.)
  4. Place the SIM card into the slot. (If you removed the battery or lifted a latch, put it back.)
  5. Put back the SIM card tray or back cover.
Check information

See installed SIM cards

  1. Open your device's Settings app Settings.
  2. Tap SIM cards.
  3. See the carrier data and phone number for each installed SIM card. (Empty slots say: "Slot empty.")

Check SIM-related status

  1. Open your device's Settings app Settings.
  2. Tap About phone and then Status and then SIM status.
  3. Tap the tab for the SIM card you want. You'll see details like phone number, signal strength, service status, and roaming.
Change names

You can change SIM card names. By default, each SIM card is named for its assigned network.

  1. Open your device's Settings app Settings.
  2. Tap SIM cards and then the SIM card you want.
  3. Tap the SIM's name, enter a new name, and then tap OK.

Assign activities to SIM cards

Assign actions
  1. Open your device's Settings app Settings.
  2. Tap SIM cards.
  3. Under "Preferred SIM for," assign an activity to a SIM card:
    • Mobile data: Pick a SIM card to use for mobile data. You can assign only one SIM to your mobile data connection.
    • Calls: Pick a SIM card to use for calls, or have your device ask before each call.
    • Text messages: Pick a SIM to use for text (SMS) messages.
When you add or replace cards
  • Add a SIM card: When you add a SIM card, the first SIM card will still be used for data, calls, and texts until you assign different activities.
  • Replace a SIM card: If you replace a SIM card assigned to data, calls, or texts, you'll get a notification to assign those activities to the new SIM card.
Some apps need actions assigned

To work, some apps need certain activities assigned to SIM cards. Follow each app's instructions.

Lock SIM cards

Set up lock
  1. Open your device's Settings app Settings.
  2. Tap Security and then Set up SIM card lock.
  3. If you have more than one SIM installed, tap the tab for the SIM you want to lock.
  4. Tap Lock SIM card.
  5. If you haven't yet set up a PIN, enter a PIN and tap OK.

To change the PIN for a SIM card, tap Change PIN, enter the old PIN, and then enter a new PIN.

Unlock cards to use device
  • To unlock the SIM card and device, enter the PIN on the lock screen.
  • If both SIMs are locked, unlock SIM 1 before SIM 2.
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