Don't clear your Google Services Framework data

Google Services Framework streamlines how Android apps work with data on your device.

Important: We recommend that you don't clear data for this framework. Doing so can negatively affect your device.

Google Services Framework authenticates and handles app data. Here's how clearing its data can negatively affect your experience:

  • Apps could not work properly:
    Google Services Framework houses the infrastructure that powers notifications for most apps made by Google and many apps made by others. Deleting framework data can prevent messages for these apps from being delivered to your device, and those apps can randomly misbehave.
  • Account authentication requests:
    You could be asked repeatedly to enter your username and password on your device.

If you cleared your Google Services Framework data and your Android device isn't working properly, you can reset your device to factory settings. (Resetting erases all data from the device.) Learn how to reset your Pixel or Nexus device or other Android device to factory settings.

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