Copy apps & data from an iPhone to a new Android device

You can easily move your data from your iPhone to a new Android device.


  • You must have Android 12 and up to use the Switch to Android app. Most other Android versions support cable data transfer.
  • You need an internet connection to copy data from one device to the other. We recommend you connect both of your devices to Wi-Fi.
  • You can use a cable to transfer data during your initial device setup. Some phone models allow cable transfer for up to a few days after initial setup. Refer to your phone manufacturer’s support site for more information. If you don’t have a compatible cable:
  • If an organization, like a business or school, manages your iPhone, you may not be able to transfer all data.

Before you begin

  • Charge both devices.
  • Make sure you can unlock the old device with a PIN, pattern, or password.
  • Optionally, turn off the auto-lock feature on your iPhone.
  • Check storage on both your old and new devices. You won’t be able to transfer all data if there isn’t enough storage on the new device. 
  • Set aside time. Data transfer can take from a few minutes up to a few hours.
  • Samsung devices have other ways to copy data from your old phone. Learn more about Samsung Smart Switch
What transfers to your new device

You can copy different data types based on which method you choose to transfer data.

Data Type Cable Wi-Fi
Contacts Yes Yes
Photos and videos Yes Yes
Calendar events Yes Yes
Apps at no charge that are downloaded from the Google Play Store Yes No
Music Yes No
Texts, iMessages, and most iMessage content, like photos, videos, and other media Yes No
Notes Yes No
Wallpapers that use your on-device photos Yes No
Call history Yes No
WhatsApp chats and data Yes No
What won’t transfer to your new device

Step 1: Turn on your new Android device

Turn on your Android device and tap Start.

Step 2: Connect to Wi-Fi or a mobile network

Important: If no connection is available, you can't transfer data during setup.

Without a connection, you can’t:

  • Sign in to your Google Account
  • Copy apps and data
  • Get software updates
  • Automatically set up time and date

Connect to a mobile network

If you have a physical SIM card, remove it from your iPhone and insert it into your new Android phone. Learn how to insert your SIM card.

If you have an eSIM, you can also download it from your carrier. 

If you have any issues with your SIM card or carrier services, get help from your mobile carrier

Connect to Wi-Fi

Choose a Wi-Fi network from the list when asked and enter your password if needed.

Step 3: Copy your apps & data

Use the cable method to copy more data. Learn what data types transfer based on transfer method.

Copy data from your old phone with a cable


  • You must turn off iMessage on your iPhone.
  • Both devices must be connected to each other for the entire transfer process.
  • Stay with your phone, because you must enter your PIN throughout the process. 
  • You need a USB-C to lightning cable or an adapter to connect both phones.
    • Alternatively, you can use a USB-A to USB-C adapter with your iPhone’s lightning cable.


  1. Connect your iPhone charging cable to your old device.
  2. Connect the other end of the charging cable or adapter to your new device.
  3. If you get a notification asking for permission to connect, tap Trust.
  4. Sign in to your Google Account or create one if you don’t have one.
    • If you don’t sign in to your Google Account, you can’t transfer your apps, calendar events, notes, or WhatsApp chats.   
  5. On your new device, select the data types you want to copy.
  6. Tap Copy.

Tip: To transfer your WhatsApp data, scan the QR code you get on your new Android device with your iPhone and follow the on-screen instructions.

Use the Switch to Android app to transfer without a cable

If you don’t have a compatible cable, you can still transfer some of your data from your iPhone. Learn more about the different data types that transfer wirelessly.


  • You must turn off iMessage on your iPhone.
  • Both devices must be connected to the internet.
  • Devices must remain near each other during the process. 
  • This method is available for Android 12 devices and later.

Samsung devices have an alternative method for copying data.

On your new Android device

  1. Turn on your new device.
  2. Tap Start.
  3. Connect to a Wi-Fi network when asked.
  4. Choose to copy apps and data from your old device.
  5. At the bottom left, tap either No Cable? or Cable doesn’t fit?
  6. Tap Switching from iPhone® or iPad®?
  7. Sign in to your Google Account, or create one if you don’t have one.

On your old iPhone

  1. When prompted, scan the QR code on your Android screen with your iPhone camera.
  2. Download the Switch to Android app.
  3. Open the Switch to Android app. 
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

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