Manage your device logs on Android

Device logs contain information recorded by the system and apps on your device. These logs are stored temporarily and are deleted on a rolling basis.

By default, all apps have access to the app logs that they create and Google and your device manufacturer may also have access to information needed for purposes such as system performance, updates, maintenance, and security.

Some apps and services can also access all device logs - a more expansive set of logs that can help device manufacturers and app developers improve the quality and reliability of their devices and apps. For example, your device manufacturer may ask for ongoing access to all device logs so that they can provide device quality and reliability improvements.

What device logs may contain

Important: You should only allow apps you trust to access all device logs.

Device logs generally contain limited technical information, but it’s possible that these logs could contain information such as the apps you’ve installed on your device, when you use those apps, user or device identifiers, or other app activity information.

On Android 13, if an app tries to access all device logs for approved use cases such as app feedback or bug reporting, the system will ask you if you want to provide the app with one-time access to this more expansive set of logs.

Even if you don’t provide access to all device logs when the system prompts you, Google, your device manufacturer, or app developers may still be able to access some logs or similar information. For example, if your device’s Usage & diagnostics setting is enabled, your device sends info to Google about how you use your device and how it’s working.

Technical details
The phrase “all device logs'' refers to the entire contents of the log buffers managed by the system process logd. Apps may still be able to access a subset of logs, such as the event log, even if you don't provide access to all device logs.

Manage device logs on your Android device

You can allow or decline an app’s request to access all device logs.

Android 12 & later

If an app requests access to all device logs, you can approve or deny the access request.

  • Tap Allow one-time access to provide access to all device logs.
  • Tap Don’t allow to decline access to all device logs.

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