Manage your digital car key

After you set up your digital car key, you can delete it, transfer it to a new phone, or create a shortcut on your home screen.

Delete a digital car key

  1. Open your digital car key.
  2. Tap More  and then Delete Key and then Delete.
  3. To verify it’s you, tap Confirm. You get a notification that the key is deleted.

Transfer a digital car key to a new phone

  1. On your previous phone, delete your digital key. 
  2. Pair your new phone to your car.

Create a digital car key shortcut on your home screen

If you don’t install a digital car key shortcut when you pair your car, you can create a shortcut later.
With Settings
  1. On your phone, select Settings and then Google and then Settings for Google apps and then Google Pay
  2. Select your car key.
  3. Tap More and then Add to Home screen.
With Google Pay
  1. Open Google Pay Google Pay.
  2. Select your car key. 
  3. Tap More and then Add to Home screen
Tip: If Google Pay isn’t available in your region and you declined the shortcut creation, you can still create a new home screen shortcut. To add a shortcut, download the car manufacturer’s app and open your digital key, then tap More  and then Add to Home screen.
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