Digital car key data sharing & safety overview

Learn what Google shares with your car & phone manufacturers

To provide you with digital car key service, Google may share some data with your car and phone manufacturers. Your car and phone manufacturers may use this data in accordance with their privacy policies.

We share with your car manufacturer an account identifier and info related to the services that you use, like:

  • Creation of your key
  • The identifier for your key
  • The name you gave to your key
  • Deletion of your key

Depending on your phone model, we may also share data with your phone manufacturer to make sure your phone is compatible with your car and the key can be properly set up and managed on your device, like:

  • The identifier for your car model
  • The identifier for your key
  • Your digital key settings, like whether you want to require that your phone be unlocked before the keys can be used

Learn how to use your digital car key safely

Overview & safety warning

The digital car key lets you use your mobile device to lock, unlock, and start your vehicle, similar to a physical car key.

The digital car key requires a connection between your vehicle, mobile device, and Google Account. Because the connection may not always be available, you should still carry your physical car key in case you need it in order to operate your vehicle.

Use your digital key responsibly

Use the digital car key when it’s safe to do so. You’re responsible for taking appropriate precautions when you use the digital car key, like testing to make sure it works properly with your mobile device or vehicle. Follow instructions from your car manufacturer to make sure you have a backup plan in case the digital car key doesn’t work properly. It’s also your responsibility to comply with all applicable traffic, parking, and related laws.

Protect your car key

It’s your responsibility to protect your digital car key and maintain the security features of your mobile device, including device-locking, screen-lock passwords, and any other relevant security features of your mobile device.

Transfer ownership

Before you sell or transfer your phone or vehicle, you must delete all associated digital car keys. If you acquire a vehicle, you should make sure that the prior owner doesn't have access to a digital car key for the vehicle. To learn more, contact your vehicle manufacturer.

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