• Mobile App Behavior

    The Overview includes usage metrics like Screen Views, Crashes, and the Total number of Events that occur on a screen. Click view full report to jump to that ... Performance: User Timing Bucket displays the sum total the length of time (in seconds) all tracked actions take to load. Also provides a percentage sum total of  ...

  • Set up and edit Goals

    When setting up a Funnel, use a page name or an app screen name string as the Funnel step, like in the Destination field. ... No data is recorded for a Goal when turned off, but you can resume recording at any time by turning it back ON.

  • How to use the Google Analytics app

    On a small screen, you can only see one card at a time. Multiple cards are visible at the same time on larger screens. Swipe to scroll down and see more cards.

  • About Goals

    You can set up individual Goals to track discrete actions, like transactions with a minimum purchase amount or the amount of time spent on a screen. Each time ...

  • What the value (not set) means

    ... Data in AdWords Reports); There is a redirect in the URL; The gclid parameter is altered or dropped from the ad (See: CPC Data Not Collected); Auto and manual tagging are being used at the same time ... If you see landing page = (not set), this is generally due to a session with no page or screen view level hits included.

  • Using flow reports

    Use Segments to filter for specific traffic, like visitors who have made a purchase, or spend more than a certain amount of time on your site. ... You can also grab and drag the screen with your mouse to pan. Zoom makes the nodes and ...

  • About Events

    An overview about Event tracking and Event reports. Events are user interactions with content that can be tracked independently from a web page or a screen ...

  • Audience Overview

    ... (average session length of all users); Bounce Rate (percent of single-page sessions); New Users (percent of total users who came your site for the first time) ... Language; Country/Territory; City; Browser; Operating System; Service Provider; Mobile Operating System; Mobile Service Provider; Mobile Screen Resolution.

  • Funnel Visualization vs. Goal Flow

    If a user loops back or refreshes a particular page/screen, you see two pageviews/screenviews. (You may need .... Completed Goal Multiple Times in 1 Session.

  • Set up a property

    The time zone setting affects how data appears in your reports. For example, if you choose United States, Pacific Time, then the beginning and end of each day  ...