[GA4] Audience triggers

Audience triggers let you trigger events when users match the definition of an audience and become members.

You can trigger events, for example, when users reach key milestones like initiating a certain number of sessions or reading a certain number of articles, or crossing key event thresholds.

You can analyze these events in your reports, and you can enable them as key events as with any other events.

In cases where audience conditions are fully satisfied by a single event, metadata from that event is copied to the triggered event. In cases where audience conditions are satisfied by multiple events, metadata from the last event is copied to the triggered event. Copied metadata includes timestamp and session information but does not include the page/screen associated with the event.

You can't use audience-trigger events as the basis for audience conditions.

Create audience-trigger events

You can create up to 20 audience-trigger events per property.

To create a trigger event as you're building an audience:

  1. To the right of the condition builder, under Audience Trigger, click + Create new.
  2. Enter a name for the event.
  3. Select Create an additional event (up to one per day) when the audience membership refreshes if you want to trigger an event each time a user meets the audience criteria, even if they are already a member of that audience.
  4. Click Save.

Edit / delete audience triggers

To edit an event, click Edit next to the event name.

To delete an event, click Delete next to the event name.

Key event thresholds

You can trigger events for simple thresholds. For example, if the condition for your audience "High-value customers" defines members as users whose lifetime value is greater than 100, then each time a user meets that condition and becomes an audience member, you can trigger an event like new_high_value_customer.

You can also use these events as proxies for more complex key events, for example, if you define the audience "Frequent long-term guests" as

Event: booked_hotel
Parameter: days_booked
Parameter condition: > 13 days
Event: booked_hotel
Parameter: event_count
Parameter condition: > 1 in any 60-day period


then anytime a user met those conditions, you could trigger an event like new_frequent_longterm.

By monitoring the count of those events, you can see the pace at which your audiences grow.

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