How to use the Analytics app

Open different properties

  1. Tap Menu on the top left to open the sidebar.
  2. Tap your currently selected property to open the list of others you have access to. Select from All, Recent, or Favorites, or search for the one you want.

Understand the data displays

In each report, data is displayed on cards. Some cards let you switch between metrics and dimensions. Tap each metric to make that one visible on the chart:

To view that metric in a different dimension, swipe left or right.

Within each report, you can scroll up and down to see more cards.

Tap Menu to open the sidebar, then select any report available in the app.

Change the date range and apply segments

Segments are available only in Web properties.

Date range

In a report, tap the bar with the date range to open the Date range panel. Select a preset date range or configure a custom date range. You cannot change the date range for real-time reports.

Segments (Universal Analytics properties only)

To the right of the date range, tap Filter to choose a system or custom segment.

Edit and save cards

In a card, tap More to open the Edit and Save options.


Change the metric, dimension, or visualization.


Save the card to your dashboard. From the dashboard, you can edit or delete the card.

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