This article is about Universal Analytics, which is going away. It's critical that you migrate your Universal Analytics property settings to Google Analytics 4, or you will begin to lose data on July 1, 2023 (July 1, 2024 for Analytics 360 properties). Learn how to migrate your settings.

[GA4] Reports in the Analytics app

This article describes the reports that are available in the Analytics app.

Google Analytics 4

Note: The Analytics app supports the dimensions and metrics found in the Analytics Data API. Make sure you only include these dimensions and metrics in your reports.


The Home page surfaces information that's relevant to you based on your behavior in Analytics. You can use the page to monitor traffic, navigate around Analytics, and get insights about your websites and mobile apps. The Home page provides more personalized content as you continue to use Analytics.

The Home page lets you see:

  • An overview of metrics that are relevant to you with a trendline for each metric
  • A realtime card that shows you activity as it happens using data from the Realtime report
  • Recently viewed section that provides links to parts of your Analytics account that you visited most recently
  • Because you view frequently section that shows cards that you view often, even if you haven't viewed them recently

Learn more about the Home page


The Realtime report lets you monitor user activity as it happens. This report displays data seconds after an interaction and is updated continuously, so you can see how many users you have right now and how they're engaging with your content. Learn more about Realtime


The Dashboard report lets you create small-scale customized reports. For each card, you can select a metric, dimension, and chart type. There's no limit to the number of cards you can create.

Tip: As you choose a dimension and metric, select The Information button for information about the dimension or metric.

You can access your saved dashboards from any device when signed in to your Analytics account.


The Insights report lets you see automated or custom insights that Analytics generates for your property. Learn more about Analytics insights


The Reports section includes the Reports snapshot report and the collections and topics in your Google Analytics 4 property.

You can view the reports in each topic using the tabs along the top. The following example shows the Engagement overview report (as a tab) in the Engagement report (along the top).

A screenshot of the Engagement topic with the tab selected for the Engagement overview report

Universal Analytics


Home includes:

  • A Real time card so you can see how many users are on your site right now
  • Overview cards for Audience, Behavior, Ecommerce, and Goals
  • Cards for total events by category, action, and label


On your dashboard, you can create small-scale customized reports. Save a card to your dashboard either from a report or by tapping + in the top right of the Dashboards screen.

For each card, you can select a metric, dimension, segment, and chart type.

There is no limit to the number of cards you can create, but you can't share them with other users or other dashboards. Your dashboard is only available in the Analytics app, and only on that device.


See the insights that Analytics has generated for your reporting view.

Real time

Monitor user activity as it happens. Real time displays data seconds after an interaction and is updated continuously, so you can see how many users you have right now and how they are engaging with your content. Learn more about Real time.


Get to know your users - where they are, how often and how long they engage with your content, and what devices are most popular. The Audience reports give you a sense of the users that engage with your content. Learn more about Audience reports for the web and for mobile apps.


This report is only available for web properties.

Use the Acquisition reports to discover how users arrive at your web site. You can also use these reports to learn more about your traffic - if they arrive directly to your site or use a search engine - and how successful certain marketing campaigns are in attracting users. Learn more about Acquisitions for the web.


The Behavior reports help you discover how users interact with your site or app. You can use these reports to understand the number of screens seen per session, how long a typical session lasts, or other metrics. Learn more about the Behavior reports for the web and for mobile apps.

The Behavior reports are more powerful when you track special content, like videos and slideshows, with Events. Learn more about Events.


The Goals report lets you see the extent to which users are completing the goals you've defined for your site, along with how different channels, sources, mediums, and device categories are contributing to goal conversions. Learn more about Goals.


If you’ve set up Ecommerce in your Analytics account to track objectives like account sign-ups and product sales, you can use the Ecommerce reports to track your performance and revenue targets. Learn more about Ecommerce reports for the web and for mobile apps.

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