Differences in user counts

This help center article is part of the App + Web Property Beta.

App + Web properties are not currently supported in the Analytics app.

You can expect differences in user counts between App + Web Properties and Standard/360 properties under the following circumstances:

  • The two types of properties are using different user-identity methods, for example, the App + Web Property is using User-ID and the Standard/360 property is using Client ID.
  • App + Web Properties focus on active users (users who are currently engaged), while Standard/360 properties focus on total users.
  • App + Web Property report data by default includes all data streams, while in Standard/360 you have to add specific data streams via filters in report settings.
  • App + Web Properties currently do not support filters, while data in Standard/360 reporting may be subject to view filters that exclude data.
  • The method by which Analytics counts users can have a different margin of error for App + Web Properties than for Standard/360 properties.
  • The Realtime report in App + Web Properties counts users who engaged with your app/site for any non-zero amount of time during the previous 30 minutes, while the Streamview (realtime) report in Standard/360 properties counts any user who triggered an event during the previous five minutes.
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