This article is about Google Analytics 4 properties. If you're using a Universal Analytics property, refer to the Universal Analytics section of this help center.

[GA4] Data thresholds

Why data may be withheld from reports and explorations

If your report or exploration is missing data, it may be because Google Analytics has applied a data threshold. Data thresholds are applied to prevent anyone viewing a report or exploration from inferring the identity of individual users based on demographics, interests, or other signals present in the data.

Data thresholds are system defined. You can't adjust them.

When data thresholds are applied

Low user count

Data in a report or exploration may be withheld when Google signals is enabled and you have a low user count in the specified date range.

When you create a custom event in a property that has Google signals enabled and you are signed in to Google, you can confirm that new custom events are working correctly when data thresholding is applied by switching to device-only reporting. When you use device-only reporting, Analytics uses the client ID (i.e., first-party cookies) or the app instance ID (for apps), both of which are not subject to data thresholds in reports with users counts.

Demographic information

If a report or exploration includes demographic information and the reporting identity relies on the device ID, the row containing that data may be withheld if there aren't enough total users. Learn how identity spaces impact your data.

Data may be withheld when viewing a report or exploration or making an API call that includes demographic information in combination with user identifiers, custom dimensions, or certain user-generated content fields, such as user-ID, client ID, and source/medium.

Adjusting the date range

Data thresholds may be applied when you view a report or exploration within a narrow date range if you have low user or event counts in the date range. Expanding the date range may increase the number of users who triggered an event, enabling you to see the previously thresholded data.

Exporting to BigQuery

Analytics doesn't export data from Google signals to BigQuery. As a result, you may see different event counts per event between Analytics and BigQuery. Since Google signals deduplicates event counts from individual users, you may also see different user counts between Analytics and BigQuery.

Identifying reports with data thresholds

When a threshold is applied to a report or exploration, the data indicator changes color. You can hover over the indicator to see more information. The indicator can also help you identify when sampling is applied.

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