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BigQuery is a cloud data warehouse that lets you run highly performant queries of large datasets.

You can export all of your raw events from Google Analytics 4 properties (including subproperties and roll-up properties) to BigQuery, and then use an SQL-like syntax to query that data. In BigQuery, you can choose to export your data to external storage or import external data for the purposes of combining it with your Analytics data.

When you export data to BigQuery, you own that data, and you can use BigQuery ACLs to manage permissions on projects and datasets.

Note: Once you export data from Analytics to BigQuery, you cannot re-export it.

A full export of data takes place once a day. Data is also exported continuously throughout the day (see Streaming export below).

You can export to a free instance of BigQuery (BigQuery sandbox), but exports that exceed the sandbox limits incur charges.

Standard properties have a daily BigQuery Export limit of 1 million events. Learn more about other BigQuery Export limits

Differences between the Google Analytics interface and BigQuery Export

The BigQuery event export provides access to raw event and user-level data, excluding any value additions that Google Analytics makes to the data found in standard reports and explorations. For this reason, the data from BigQuery event export might differ from the data in the Google Analytics interface.

To understand the differences between BigQuery event export and the Google Analytics interface, and explore ways to mitigate these differences when possible, see Bridging the gap between Google Analytics UI and BigQuery export.

Streaming export

You can choose the streaming export option when you link your Google Analytics 4 property to BigQuery.

BigQuery streaming export makes data for the current day available within a few minutes via BigQuery Export.

When you use this export option, BigQuery has more recent information you can analyze about your users and their traffic on your property.

For each day, streaming export creates one new table:

  • events_intraday_YYYYMMDD: An internal staging table that includes records of session activity that took place during the day. Streaming export is a best-effort operation and may not include all data for reasons such as the processing of late events and/or failed uploads. Data is exported continuously throughout the day. This table can include records of a session when that session spans multiple export operations.This table is deleted when events_YYYYMMDD is complete.

If you select the daily option when you set up BigQuery Export, then the following table is also created each day.

  • events_YYYYMMDD: The full daily export of events.

You should query events_YYYYMMDD rather than events_intraday_YYYYMMDD so you're querying a stable dataset for the day.

See BigQuery Export schema for more information about the events_YYYYMMDD and events_intraday_YYYYMMDD tables.

BigQuery streaming export does not include the following user-attribution data for new users:

  • traffic_source.name (reporting dimension: User campaign)
  • traffic_source.source (reporting dimension: User source)
  • traffic_source.medium (reporting dimension: User medium)

User-attribution data for existing users is included but that data requires ~24 hours to fully process, so we recommend not relying on that data from the streaming export and instead getting user-attribution data from the full daily export.

You will incur additional BigQuery costs for using streaming export at the rate of $0.05 per gigabyte of data. 1 gigabyte equates to approximately 600,000 Google Analytics events, though that number will vary depending on event size. Learn more about BigQuery pricing.

The schedule for table updates

Updates to the tables that are created as part of BigQuery Export are governed by the time zone of the Analytics property from which data is being exported.

Streaming-export tables (events_intraday_YYYYMMDD) are updated continuously throughout the day (e.g., from 12:00:00 am until 11:59:59 pm in the property's time zone). Once a new day starts in the property's time zone, events are written to a new intraday table.

Daily export tables (events_YYYYMMDD) are created after Analytics collects all of the events for the day. Analytics will update daily tables for up to 72 hours beyond the date of the table with events that are timestamped with the date of the table, e.g., event bundles that come in late from Measurement Protocol or the Firebase SDKs. For example, if the table date is 20220101, then Analytics will update the table through 20220104 with events that are timestamped 20220101.

On occasion, Analytics may update the daily tables anytime after the 72-hour window under circumstances that require Analytics to reprocess historical data (e.g., a bug fix that remedies a processing error).

Cookieless pings and customer-provided data

When consent mode is implemented, cookieless pings collected by Analytics will be present in the BigQuery export, along with customer-provided data such as user_id and custom dimensions.

GA4 - Firebase Integration and BigQuery

If a GA4 property and a Firebase project are integrated, they cannot be linked to separate BigQuery projects.

Compare BigQuery Export in Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics

Google Analytics 4 Universal Analytics

Available to Standard (free) and 360 (paid)

Standard limit: 1M events per day

360 limit: Billions of events per day

Available to 360 (paid)


Free export to BigQuery Sandbox within Sandbox limits

Exported data that exceeds Sandbox limits incurs charges per contract terms


Free export to BigQuery Sandbox within Sandbox limits

Exported data that exceeds Sandbox limits incurs charges per contract terms


Can include specific data streams and exclude specific events for each property

(lets you control export volume and cost)


Can link 1 view per property

(exports all data in that view)

Streaming export

$0.05 per GB (learn more about BigQuery pricing)

Table created:


Table is deleted each day:

  • if you also use the daily-export option in addition to streaming
  • when the daily table is complete

Does not include User campaign, User source, or User medium data for new users

Streaming export

$0.05 per GB (learn more about BigQuery pricing)

Table created:


BigQuery view created:


Daily export

Table created:


Daily export

Tables created


  • Updated at least 3 times per day
  • Each updated overwrites previous data
  • Deleted when full import from next day is complete


  • Full daily import

Export, general

Backfill: no backfill

Dataset: for each linked property, 1 dataset named analytics_<property id>

If you've implemented consent mode, export includes:

  • cookieless pings
  • customer-provided data (user_id, custom dimensions)

Export, general

Backfill: upon linking, backfill of 13 months of data or 10B hits, whichever is smaller

(Backfill to BigQuery Sandbox can fail)

Dataset: for each linked view, 1 dataset named the same as the view

Export schema

GA4 only exports the traffic source that first acquired the user

Does not support UA data exported to BigQuery

Each row in a BigQuery table represents an event

Event data that is unique to Google Analytics 4

While there are some Google Analytics 4 fields that are essentially the same as Universal Analytics fields (e.g., device.category and device.deviceCategory), there are more differences than similarities between GA4 event data and UA hit data

Export schema

Session-level attribution across multiple touch points

Each row in a BigQuery table represents a session

Hit data that is unique to Universal Analytics

While there are some Universal Analytics fields that are essentially the same as Google Analytics 4 fields (e.g., device.deviceCategory and device.category), there are more differences than similarities between UA hit data and GA4 event data.


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