The dashboard template

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A number of Analytics reports, including the Overview reports in each category, use the dashboard template.

A dashboard comprises a number of cards that each focus on particular metric-dimension combinations, for example:

  • Users and revenue for the last 30 days
  • Users by channel or source/medium
  • Clicks, cost, and revenue per campaign

This concentrated information provides ready answers for common questions you have about your business, like:

  • What was my revenue for the last month?
  • Through which channels do I acquire the most users?
  • Which campaigns generate the most revenue?

The date-range picker on each card lets you apply a predefined or custom range.


Dashboard visualizations are designed to give you an immediate understanding of the metric-dimension relationships, for example, Users by Country.

Report links

If there is a link at the bottom of a card, it opens the full report where you can see a broader set of metrics and choose different primary and secondary dimensions.

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