About organizations

Products and users are collected together in organizations. An organization represents a company, and lets you access your company’s product accounts, manage product users and permissions, and also display information like administrative contacts and the company logo.

You create and manage organizations in Google Marketing Platform Home. Platform Home is available to both Analytics 360 and Analytics Standard accounts at

Learn more about the differences between 360 and Standard accounts.

Learn more about the Platform Home interface.

Learn more about managing users and product accounts in Platform Home.

Create organizations

To create an organization from your Analytics Standard account:

  1. Open the organization and account links at the top of any Analytics page.
  2. Click Thumbnail view
    to open Platform Home.
  3. At the top of the page, click NEW ORGANIZATION.
  4. Enter a name for the organization, for example, your company name.
  5. Link your Google+ page and import your company logo.

    When you link your company’s Google+ profile to the Google Marketing Platform organization profile, your logo and brand are used throughout.

    If you don’t know the URL for your company’s Google+ profile page, search for the Google+ page with the following query:

    <company name> Google+ profile page

    You’ll find something like: name

    If your company does not have a Google+ profile, visit Manage your Brand Account to create one.

    Under Google+ profile URL, enter the URL for your company's Google+ profile page.
  6. Select the product accounts you want to link to the organization:
    • Click Link.
    • Select each account you want to link, and click SELECT.
  7. Click CREATE.

Information in the Google Marketing Platform documentation is generally applicable to managing organizations for Standard accounts, with the exception of information related to billing, and Sales Partners and their clients.

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