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About the Home page

When you log in to Analytics, the Home page gives you a summary of what’s interesting about your data.

The top row of cards shows you:

  • Overall traffic and conversions (Users, Revenue, Conversion Rate, Sessions). Click a metric to change the graph.
  • User volume by day and hour. Hover over a cell to see the exact number of users that hour.
  • The number of users on your site right now, and which pages they’re viewing.
The first 3 cards on the Home page.

The rest of the cards on the page provide similar snapshots of your data. For example:

  • The channels by which you acquire users
  • How well you retain users week to week
  • Goal completions

Card controls

A card can have up to 3 controls:

  • Dimension/metric picker
  • Date-range picker
  • Link to the associated report

Dimension/metric picker

If a card lists dimensions or metrics across the top, you can click those to change which data is displayed in the card.

3 dimension choices across the top of the card.

Date range

All of the cards except the real-time card (Users right now) include an option to select different date ranges. The date ranges vary by data type.

Date picker with relative date ranges (e.g., Today, Last 7 Days).

Link to underlying report

Most cards use data from existing Analytics reports. To open the associated report, click the link at the bottom of the card. For example:

Report link at bottom of card (e.g., Audience Overview).

How to use the Home page

The Home page is a summary of your site’s vital signs. You can use it simply as a health monitor and check the page periodically to see if everything is behaving as expected.

You can also use it as the starting point for deeper investigations of your data.

For example, if you’re running new Google Ads campaigns, you might be expecting a steady or dramatic increase in the number of users over the last 7 days. If the first card doesn’t show the kind of increase you’re expecting, you can scroll down to to the Google Ads-campaigns card, and from there click into the Google Ads Campaigns report to investigate where the weakness might be.

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