Cross-device remarketing

Starting May 15, 2017, Remarketing Audiences created in Google Analytics will be enhanced to automatically take advantage of new cross-device remarketing functionality now available in Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform. This will allow you to reach your customers across devices when using Google Analytics Audiences.

Our research shows that 6 in 10 internet users start shopping on one device but continue or finish on a different one. With cross-device remarketing in Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform if someone visits your website on one device, you can now reach them with more relevant ads when they search or browse on another device.

Common questions

How does this work?

Google will use data from its signed-in users together with your Google Analytics data to build and define audience lists for cross-device remarketing.


What data will Google collect and use as part of this feature?

Google-authenticated identifiers for Google's own users who have chosen to enable Google to associate their web and app browsing history with their Google account, and to use information from their Google account to personalize ads they see across the web.


Does this change Google Analytics’ prohibition against customers sending Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

No. Sending PII to Google Analytics is still prohibited under the terms of service.

Learn more about PII in Google's contracts and policies


Do I need to update my privacy policy?

Because laws across countries and territories vary, and because Google Analytics can be used in many ways, Google is unable to provide the exact language you need to include in your privacy policy.


Does this affect my rights or ownership of Google Analytics data?

No. You still own your Google Analytics data.


Does this change Google Analytics’ policies regarding sharing data with other products?

No. Your account data-sharing settings and product-linking settings determine whether your data is shared with other Google products.


Does this new feature result in any new data being stored or available for reporting?

No. Google Analytics does not join or store any new data with your reporting data as a result of this feature. Please stay tuned to the Google Analytics blog for more updates to Google Analytics’ cross-device functionality later this year.


Does Google have consent from end users for this new feature?

In 2016, Google rolled out a new, opt-in set of controls for how their data is used across Google. Only users who have opted in to this new control will be included for cross-device remarketing through this feature.

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