Analytics Release Notes for December 16, 2016

The following changes in Analytics have begun rolling out to user accounts and will be available in the coming weeks.

  • [Google Tag Manager] AMP Containers: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a new web platform that introduces nuances and implementation complexity that differs from traditional web implementations. Google Tag Manager (GTM) has added support for AMP Containers to help get you the measurement you need on AMP pages. Check out our blog post for additional details.

  • [Analytics 360] GAP-DBM Self-serve Linking (dual-admin): Support self-serve linking for Analytics 360-DoubleClick Bid Manager integrations in the dual-admin scenario. That is, allow the admin user of a Analytics 360  property (i.e. user with “Edit” permissions for the property) who also has Edit permissions for a DBM Partner account to directly link accounts from the GA admin UI. Linking enables reporting DBM data in Analytics 360 and sharing Analytics 360 user lists with DBM. Learn more.

  • [Suite Home 360] User Annotations (Notes) in Suite Home: Allow user administrators in the Suite to leave notes on individual users as helpful reminders about why they have the access they do. All too often a user administrator can’t tell who a user is based on email address alone. Learn more.

  • [Data Studio] Firebase SDX Template: At present, Firebase apps can be linked to BigQuery to facilitate the exporting of raw, unsampled Analytics event data to BigQuery datasets.  And Data Studio can leverage raw Scion event data through its BigQuery connector, which facilitates the generation of custom reports using Scion events, parameters and user properties.  

    The goal of this feature is to provide template reports which make it much easier for Firebase Developers to produce insightful reports.  They will basically choose a template and then point it at their BigQuery dataset and they will be placed in a report (that we have pre-generated) which uses their dataset. Learn more here.

  • [Optimize -- Limited rollout] Optimize: Google Optimize is an a/b testing and personalization tool built on top of Google Analytics that helps businesses test and deliver better website experiences. This free version of Optimize will start rolling out in the next few weeks! Customers with access to the 360 Suite Home now have access, and others can head to to request an invite. As part of this launch, there are new user settings, onboarding flows, and setup assistance. Note that during the early phases of the rollout, customers are limited to accessing just one free account and container unless the account is linked to the customer’s organization.

  • [Tag Manager] Data Processing Amendment Support: Customers who operate businesses established in the territory of a member state of the European Economic Area or Switzerland, or that, for other reasons, are subject to the territorial scope of the national implementations of Directive 95/46/EC may be required to accept a Data Processing Amendment.

    Support for the amendment  is new, and  allows customers to to review and accept the terms within the Tag Manager UI. More information is available in the Help Center.
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