The Google Analytics Certified Partner Program

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Looking for help implementing Google Analytics Solutions or finding ready-to-use applications? The Google Analytics Certified Partner program (GACP) helps you find companies with proven expertise in Google Analytics Solutions products.

Types of partners

The program is comprised of three different types of partners: Service Partners, Sales Partners, and Technology Partners. In addition to Google Analytics, Partners can specialize in additional products across Google Analytics Solutions such as Tag Manager, Optimize, and Data Studio.

Service Partners

If you’re looking for help implementing Google Analytics Solutions products or need technical expertise for a custom project, Service Partners are here to help. Services Partners are vetted by Google and meet rigorous qualification standards to help you feel confident you’re working with a company you can trust. Service Partners help customers on projects ranging from consulting and training to technical support across Analytics, Tag Manager, Optimize, and Data Studio.

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Sales Partners

Sales Partners are authorized to sell Google Analytics 360 Suite products in addition to providing consulting and support. If you’re looking for a top-notch Partner who can provide value-added services and sell Google Analytics 360 Suite products, check out our Sales Partners. Sales Partners, with the appropriate certifications, can sell Analytics 360, Tag Manager 360, Optimize 360, and Data Studio. Audience Center 360, Attribution 360, and Surveys 360 are not available through the Sales Partner channel at this time.

Sales Partners are able to sell certain Analytics Solutions products as well as provide value-adding services. Services can be included as a part of a 360 purchase or purchased separately.

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Technology Partners

Technology Partners provide ready-to-use applications that extend Analytics Solutions in new and exciting ways. This includes solutions that help analysts, marketers, IT teams, and executives get the most out of Analytics and Tag Manager.

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Find a partner or solution

Individuals looking for a partner are encouraged to use the search filters on the Partner Gallery to find the right partner given their product and sales needs. Selecting multiple options within a filter operates as an AND statement. For example, selecting Optimize and Data Studio within the Products filter means that the resulting list will show partners with Analytics (required for all), Optimize, and Data Studio certification.

Service Partners

Sales Partners

Technology Partners

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Partner tracks

Companies may apply to the Service Partner track, the Technology Partner track, or both. Partners interested in selling Analytics 360 Suite products may apply to the Sales Partner track only after being accepted into the Service Partner track.

Participation in multiple tracks

Participation by a Partner in one track does not exclude participation in additional Tracks. Partners participating in multiple tracks must meet the requirements for each individual track.

Product specializations

In addition to offering a Google Analytics certification for Service and Sales Partners, we also offer product certifications for Tag Manager, Data Studio, and Optimize. In order to apply for the additional product certifications, a company must first complete the Service Partner track application, which includes Analytics certification. After being accepted into the Service Partner track, partners will have an opportunity to apply for additional product certifications in Tag Manager, Optimize, and Data Studio.

Apply to the program

To learn more about application requirements and submit an application, visit the Partners page.

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