Analytics Release Notes For October 25, 2016

The following changes in Google Analytics have begun rolling out to user accounts and will be available in the coming weeks.

  • [Google Tag Manager] Trash Can: The Trash Can is a temporary holding area for accounts and containers that have been marked for deletion. Authorized users are able to restore items in the Trash Can for 30 days. Items left in the Trash Can for more than 30 days will be permanently deleted. More information is available in the help center.

  • [Analytics] Simplified Navigation: A brand-new navigation experience, using Google’s Material Design standards and offering more space in the canvas.  Learn more.

  • [Analytics] Property Moving between Accounts: Property Moving for Google Analytics allows clients to modify their GA accounts structure by moving GA properties from one GA account to another. The moved property will keep the data, existing integrations with other products, tracking ID (UA-XXXX-YY) and structure.

  • [Optimize] Time Since First Arrival Targeting: This launch enables users to create experiment targeting rules that checks the time since the end-user's first visit. Time Since First Arrival allows you to target first time users as well as users that have been visiting your site for a minimum amount of time.

  • [Tag Manager 360] New Third-party Tag Templates: New tags templates launched as part of the Google Tag Manager Vendor Tag Template Program:

    • AB TASTY Generic Tag

    • Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking

    • Bizrate Insights Buyer Survey Solution

    • Bizrate Insights Site Abandonment Survey Solution

    • Hotjar Tracking Code

    • Infinity Call Tracking Tag

    • Intent Media - Search Compare Ads

    • K50 tracking tag

    • LeadLab

    • Message Mate

    • Nielsen DCR Static Lite Tag

    • Optimise Conversion Tag

    • Personali Canvas

    • Placed

    • Pulse Insights Voice of Customer Platform

    • Quantcast Audience Measurement

    • SaleCycle JavaScript Tag

    • SaleCycle Pixel Tag

    • Shareaholic

    • Survicate Widget

    • Twitter

    • Yieldify

  • [Tag Manager 360] Optimize tag template It’s now even easy to implement Google Optimize using Google Tag Manager using the new built-in Optimize tag template. Learn more.

  • [Tag Manager 360] Secure Container Loading & Updated Snippets: We’ve made some changes to the Google Tag Manager container snippet — given out in our user interface and documentation — to improve security and performance even more.

    • Secure Container Loading: Previously, the Tag Manager container snippet loaded containers in a protocol-relative manner. That is, on pages with an https:// URL, the container would be loaded securely using HTTPS. Our new snippets will always use the secure protocol (HTTPS) by default, regardless of the protocol of the page. This helps protect containers from malicious parties and snooping, and in many cases, will also improve performance.

    • Changes to Implementation Recommendations: We’ve also made a change to how we recommend Tag Manager be implemented, now with the container snippet split into two parts

      • A JavaScript snippet that should be implemented as high in the <head> of your page as possible to ensure the best tag performance. This change is especially important if you plan to use Tag Manager to deploy Google Optimize.

      • An iframe snippet that should be implemented just after the opening <body> tag. This snippet handles firing of image pixels for users with JavaScript disabled, and also enables Google Search Console verification.

      To get the best performance, it’s recommended that you implement both container snippets following the latest installation instructions. However, these changes are optional, and existing implementations will continue to work without a problem. To get the highest level of security and performance, you can update your implementations at your earliest convenience.
  • [Data Studio] Google Data Studio Launch to 21 Additional Countries: Google Data Studio expanded its availability to 21 additional countries. A country specific TOS is shown to the user that is applicable to their region. Previously Data Studio was only available to users in the United States.

    In this release users in the countries we launched to will be able to sign up for the Free version or purchase the paid enterprise version of the product.

  • [Optimize] Optimize tag as a GA plugin: Google Optimize can now be deployed as a Google Analytics plugin by adding one line of code to the existing Universal Analytics tracking code. The standalone legacy snippet used during the closed Optimize beta has been removed from the Optimize UI and is replaced with documentation about the new approach.

    Additionally, we’ve introduced an optional code snippet that you can use to temporarily hide the page as it is being rendered to prevent end-users from seeing elements flicker as Optimize applies changes.

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