Using the Channels report for analysis

To navigate to the Channels report, click Acquisition, All Traffic, then Channels.

The Channels report shows data segmented by channel.

Note that when your Google Ads or Google Marketing Platform campaigns are served on the Google Display Network, that traffic gets grouped in the Display channel.

If you advertise using Google Search, that traffic gets grouped in the Paid Search channel.

The Conversions menu shows the goals set up by the Google Merchandise Store. Note that Smart Goals are goals automatically generated by Google’s machine learning algorithms (see links at the end of the lesson for details).

Click the menu and select "Goal 1: Purchase Completed."

For this example analysis, be sure the date range is set to Feb 1, 2016 - Feb 29, 2016. Next open the date picker and check “Compare to previous period” so we can compare channels from one month to the next.

Apply the Android Landing Page segment that you created in the previous lesson.

For a cleaner report, remove the "All Users" segment by clicking the arrow at the top of the segment.

Now we can compare purchases completed by users who landed on an Android page for the months of January and February. 

We can see that the overall "Purchase Completed" conversion rate for users who landed on an Android page went up from the month before.

We can see that the number of completed purchases also went up.

You can sort channels by conversion rate by clicking the column header “Purchase Completed (Goal 1 Conversion Rate).”

Identify the % change in conversion rate for Paid Search. Notice that it increased in February, a potential indicator that the Store’s paid search campaign was successful.

Click the column header “New Users” to sort by new users. Now identify the % change in New Users by channel. You can see that new users for this segment were up in February across Paid and Organic Search, Direct and Referral.

Click into the Referral channel.

Here you can see which websites are sending referrals to Android merchandise pages. Some of these may be good partners to reach out to when promoting Android-branded merchandise.

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