Analytics Release Notes for September 7, 2016

The following changes in Google Analytics have begun rolling out to user accounts and will be available in the coming weeks.

  • [Google Analytics 360] Increased Row Limits in Custom Tables: We increased the row limits for Custom Tables to 500k per table per day. This increase will enable each Custom Table to store up to 500k rows of data, an increase from the 200k row limits today, and a difference of 425k from standard aggregate tables. This will enable deeper long tail analysis, and greater insight into high cardinality events and/or dimensions.

  • [Tag Manager 360] Workspaces: Until now, all tag changes were prepared in a single container draft before being versioned and published. This sometimes led to complicated workflows and workarounds for multi-user teams and their agencies. This launch allows Google Tag Manager users to have more than one space to do work in a container. Teammates can now easily work on tags at the same time, or make quick changes without publishing everything that’s in the works.

    Tag Manager 360 customers are now able to create unlimited workspaces in their containers. Users of the standard version of Tag Manager will be able to have up to three concurrent workspaces per container (a default workspace and two additional custom workspaces). All users will also benefit from an enhanced interface that gives you greater visibility into exactly what changes are being made when you hit publish. Learn more.

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