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Analytics Intelligence makes it easier to discover what’s important in your data and then take meaningful action. The Intelligence panel lets you see insights generated by Analytics, and also lets you ask questions about your data.

Insights explain trends, changes, and opportunities that can impact your business. For example, Analytics might provide an insight about an unusually low number of new users, giving you the opportunity to address the acquisition of new users before that decline turns into a long-term trend.

You can also ask Intelligence questions about your data in everyday language. If you don’t want to analyze data in the context of your reports, or write formulas and code to query the raw data, you can simply ask Intelligence things like:

  • What’s the bounce rate trend for mobile in the US?
  • How many new users did I acquire via email last week?
  • Which channel had the highest revenue?
In this article:

Opening Intelligence


To open Intelligence in the Analytics app:

  1. Launch the Google Analytics mobile app. Google Analytics App logo
  2. Tap the Intelligence icon in the upper right .
Ask questions and get insights in the Analytics app


To open Intelligence in the web interface:

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
  2. Navigate to your view.
  3. Open Reports.
  4. On Home or most reports, click the Intelligence button in the top right.
Intelligence button at the top right of the Audience Overview report

The Intelligence panel opens on the right.

Getting insights

Insights are classified into New, Saved, and Read feeds. Over time, Analytics Intelligence learns which insights you’re most interested in and ranks your New insights using a machine-learning algorithm. The insights in your feed are personalized to your interests, and may differ from the insights other users see in the same view.

Click any insight to display the content.

Insights cards list and open Insights card


Click Go to report to open the full report.

In the app, you can also tap Share Insight to share the insight via messaging, email, or social media.

Click the overflow menu to save, delete, or mark the insight as read.

Insights-card overflow menu options

Asking questions

Enter your questions at the top of the panel:

Question entry field


When you first tap or click the box, Intelligence suggests questions. Questions with a clock icon are ones you’ve recently asked, and questions with the Intelligence icon are example questions. Click one of the suggestions or start typing.

As you type, you see auto-complete options that match the current word or phrase you’re typing. These options are metrics, dimensions, and dimension filters, and represent topics you can ask about. When asking about URLs, long product or campaign names, or custom dimensions and events, the auto-complete options can be especially helpful in making your question more precise.

List of auto-complete options

When you’ve finished your question, press Enter.

Answer to a question

If Intelligence decides that there might be multiple answers to your question, then it displays a list of possible answers you can select.

Learn more about the kinds of questions you can ask.

Giving feedback

After you ask questions or look at insights, please leave feedback at the bottom of the card. This helps Intelligence get smarter over time.

When Intelligence answers a question, you have an option at the bottom of the card to say whether the answer was helpful.

"Was this answer helpful?" question on the answer card.

Most Insights have a question at the bottom of the card asking whether you liked the content. By clicking yes or no, you’re teaching Analytics Intelligence about your interests and will help it select and rank better insights for you in the future.

"Was this insight helpful?" question on the insight card.

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