Analytics Release Notes for June 2, 2016

The following changes in Analytics have begun rolling out to user accounts and will be available in the coming weeks.

  • [Analytics 360] Add DFP fields to GA's BigQuery integration: We have added DFP dimensions and metrics to the existing GA->BigQuery export. That means that for all GA Properties with existing BigQuery and DFP integrations, we will export DFP fields to BigQuery; enabling clients to analyze DFP Ad Groups and Units in greater detail than is possible today in the GA UI. Additional Dimensions include AdGroup and AdUnits. Additional Metrics include clicks, impressions, Matched Queries, Measurable Impressions, Queries, RevenueCpm, RevenueCpc, Viewable Impressions, and Pages Viewed. This also includes DFP metrics for AdSense and AdX backfills. The full schema can be found here.
  • DFP Revenue visibility toggle for GA Views: This launch adds the ability for GA admins to hide metrics derived from DFP Revenue for individual GA Views. This enables publishers to give certain users access to impression & click information without also having to expose revenue.

    A new column ("Hide DFP Revenue") is added to the existing GA/DFP linking admin UI of GA that let's property admins control visibility for each view. Enabled views do not display metrics based on DFP Revenue. A zero value is used in lieu of the actual values for any calculated metrics, segments, custom reports, etc.
  • Improved Search Console reporting in GA: In GA, we've launched a deeper integration between Search Console (SC, formerly known as Webmaster Tools) and GA. Previously, GA had a "Search Engine Optimization" section, with 3 reports providing additional insight into organic search traffic. The data in these reports was imported straight from SC and presented as-is. We've now joined the SC data with GA data, using landing page as the key. This allows GA to provide valuable post-click data for organic search traffic, along the available dimensions in SC. This approach is very similar to the existing deep integration between AdWords and GA.
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