Analytics Release Notes for September 9, 2015

The following changes in Analytics have begun rolling out to user accounts and will be available in the coming weeks.

  • Ad Group-level Device Bid Adjustments: With this addition, Analytics will report on all Bid Adjustments in AdWords. (Learn more)
  • Audience Insights Report: Adds a new report that shows all Audience Segments (combinations of age, gender, interests) in one table and introduces new metrics for audience size and index (relevancy) for easy cross segment comparisons. (Learn more)
  • Publisher Reports: Adds a new publisher reporting section. These reports incorporate data from all linked publisher ad serving accounts.
  • Postbacks of Mobile App Conversions to Networks: Analytics now allows you to post back your conversions to our partner networks. Now you can use one tracking solution to gain visibility into all of the networks you work with. (Learn more)
  • [360] Data Backfill for Custom Tables: Provides unsampled reports with up to 30 days of historic data for new custom tables.
  • Ad Exchange-Analytics Linking: Users will be able to use a wizard in Analytics to link Ad Exchange and Analytics. They can then see Ad Exchange metrics (e.g. clicks, impressions) in Analytics reports. (Learn more)
  • [360] Integration with DoubleClick for Publishers: Imports DFP data, including revenue, clicks, and impressions into Analytics. (Learn more)
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