[UA] Hits and billing in Google Analytics 360

Hit-volume calculations for billing.
This information applies to Analytics 360, part of Google Marketing Platform.
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This article describes the hit-volume calculations for billing in Google Analytics 360.

You can see billable hit volume in Google Marketing Platform. Billable hit volume affects which tier and billable amount you are charged for in a given month.

There are various types of hits you can send to Analytics 360, including:

Hits are treated differently based on type and circumstance, and your billable hit volume for a month may not match the sum of the hits reported in the corresponding Analytics 360 view for one or more of the following reasons:

  • View Filters may result in collected hits not being reported in the Reporting UI or by the API, but all of those hits are included in Billable Hit Volume.
  • Site Speed and User Timing hits are sampled during data processing, so not all of the sent hits are reported in the UI nor by the API, but they are included in Billable Hit Volume.
  • Sessions with over 500 hits, and users with more than 200,000 hits per user per day may result in hits that are collected but not reported in the UI nor by the API, but all of those hits are included in Billable Hit Volume.
  • Each hit processed by a Roll-Up Property is counted separately from the corresponding hit in the Source Property, and is counted as one half of a hit (0.5 hit) in Billable Hit Volume.
  • Delayed hits (e.g., due to dispatching in Mobile SDKs) sent after 04:00 the day after tracking are not reported. These hits are included in Billable Hit Volume.
  • Analytics collects Site Speed hits for ads landing pages when the property is linked to Google Ads and the incoming URL includes the gclid parameter. These hits are not reported in the UI and are not included in billing.
  • The Property Hit Volume values in Admin > Property Settings > Advanced Settings include unprocessed hits and will not match reporting or billable hit counts.

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