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Related Products

The June 2, 2017 release of the Google Analytics Reporting API deprecates the Related Products feature, and the associated dimensions and metrics. Learn more

Analytics can automatically generate a list of related products per product for your Ecommerce enabled property based on transaction data. You can use this data to improve product bundling, merchandizing, remarketing, and email campaigns.

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To see Related Products data in your property, you must:

A minimum amount of transaction data and number of products is required in order to infer meaningful relationships between products. Thirty days of data are needed to generate the Related Products lists.

See Related Products data

Related Products data is available through the Core Reporting API. All queries must include ga:queryProductId, ga:relatedProductId, and at least one Related Product metric. Do not include other product dimensions.

Note: ga:queryProductQuantity is quantity of the product being queried. It is included to provide a measure of transaction volume per product, but may not match other Analytics ecommerce metrics.

Example Queries

  • Retrieve the correlation between every product and all of its related products. Use a filter to retrieve the score for a single product.

    Try it now in the Query Explorer.

  • Retrieve the queried and related product names sorted by the largest volume of query products. This query could be used to determine whether some of the most popular products have any related products that might be viable to use for a cross selling promotional marketing activity.

    Try it now in the Query Explorer.

The complete list of dimensions and metrics is available in the Dimensions and Metrics Explorer under the Related Products section.

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