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Learn about Google Ad Manager and how to use it with Google Analytics

Google does not provide troubleshooting support for the Google Ad Manager reporting integration.

This feature is not compatible with Mobile-app properties.

Google Ad Manager is an ad serving platform that helps streamline your ad management by centralizing all of your trafficking needs. Linking your Ad Manager account to Analytics provides a unified view of ad revenue and user behavior to help improve your monetization strategy.

Analytics Integration

Once your Ad Manager and Analytics accounts are linked, Ad Manager metrics such as impressions, clicks and revenue will be available in Analytics. A publisher reporting section allows you to analyze these metrics in the context of your pages. Additionally, you will be able to create remarketing lists on Analytics and use them for targeting your campaigns in Ad Manager.

Note: The Ad Manager reports found within Analytics are approximate and intended to be used to identify trends. These reports should not be used for accounting work or financial reconciliation.

Reporting integration

Publishers utilize Ad Manager to serve ads and Google Analytics to understand user behavior. Neither system provides insight into the intersection of these two areas - how user behavior influences revenue and how ads impact user behavior. The Ad Manager reporting integration allows Ad Manager publishers to see integrated reporting between Ad Manager and Google Analytics 360 within the Google Analytics UI. This is a combined report that shows Ad Manager impressions/clicks/revenue broken down by source of traffic or specific pages.

Please note Reporting integration is only supported on Desktop and Mobile Web Inventories at this time.

Remarketing integration

Enables publishers to share Google Analytics remarketing lists with an Ad Manager network and all linked accounts (Authorized Buyers, Display & Video 360). Once the link between Google Analytics 360 and Ad Manager is created, users can create and share lists on a self service basis. This integration is a server-side sharing of audience segments directly between systems, with no need to pass browser-side interaction. Integration is supported for both Display and Video Ad Formats as well as in Mobile Apps and Web and requires GA tracking code adjustments.

Key benefits of the integration

  1. One view of Ad Manager revenue and impressions combined with user behavior and information about the traffic sources.
  2. End users can share remarketing lists from Analytics 360 to Ad Manager 360 (once networks are linked) and use Ad Manager and linked products (Authorized Buyers, Display & Video 360) to target and report on these segments.
  3. Increased value for publishers to use the Google stack - if you use both Ad Manager and Analytics you get an easy way to improve their revenue.


About Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager is a comprehensive hosted ad serving platform that streamlines your ad management, whether you deliver ads to websites, mobile web pages, mobile apps, games, or a combination.

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