Enhanced Ecommerce

Enhanced Ecommerce tracking allows you to measure the number of transactions and revenue that your website generates. On a typical ecommerce site, once a user clicks the "purchase" button, the user's purchase information is sent to the web server, which carries out the transaction. If successful, the server redirects the user to a "Thank You" or receipt page with transaction details and a receipt of the purchase. You can use the analytics.js library to send the ecommerce data to Google Analytics.

The new Enhanced Ecommerce plug-in for analytics.js takes ecommerce tracking to the next level by measuring user interactions across the user's entire online shopping experience including: product impressions, product clicks, viewing product details, adding a product to a shopping cart, initiating the checkout process, transactions, and refunds.

We have some great resources for implementing Enhanced Ecommerce on your website including a demo store running the new Enhanced Ecommerce scripts, so that you can see this great resource in action.

To get started with implementing Enhanced Eccomerce, check out these resources:

Help Center Step by Step
GA Demos and Tools Enhanced Ecommerce demo
Enhanced Ecommerce Developer Documentation

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